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Xiaohongshu - Content seeding Strategy

Xiaohongshu has a high-quality, high-net-worth, active user group in China, with 450 million registered users. In addition to younger users, female users account for 78%. They have strong spending power. More than 90% of users habitually learn about product information in Xiaohongshu. The biggest attraction of Xiaohongshu is to seed product content to make consumers willingly pay for the products that were promoted.

Key Strategies include:

1. Product launch strategy

  • Product characteristics are the underlying factors that help the popularity on Xiaohongshu. Users are planted with products that are just in demand + high value + low price + first-level e-commerce stores and DSR (seller service rating system) high scores. In addition to the characteristics of the product, the category is more likely to be actively discussed. In the second half of 2020, beauty and skincare products accounted for the highest proportion of the top 1000 products in Xiaohongshu's popular Top 1000 products, as high as 67%, which shows that the content of beauty and skincare is more discussed. In second place is exquisite makeup, accounting for 21%, but there is still a gap compared with the top beauty and skincare products.

2. Keyword placement strategy

  • The search page is the key path to form the reputation of brand products and influence users' minds. More and more users use Xiaohongshu as a search tool. According to statistics, 90% of Xiaohongshu users have searched for product reviews before purchasing. 60% of the traffic comes from search pages, including brand term collection, hot topic collection, category value keyword collection, and brand landing page operation management. Brands need to rationally arrange keywords to effectively increase the probability of content being actively retrieved.

  • Starting from the brand, product features, competing products, platform hotspots and e-commerce nodes, etc., carry out a radial expansion, derive keywords, and then use big data and manual analysis to understand the situation of keywords and users' perception of related words, finally determine the brand keywords, filter layer by layer to ensure the best keywords.

3. Content delivery strategy

High-quality content and application routines can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery. According to the order transaction data of Xiaohongshu on the Weiboyi trading platform (January 1, 2020-March 31, 2021), evaluations, checklists, and dry goods content are the easiest to explode and make users be planted.

  • 6 content seeding routines:

1. Find more integration points - you can focus on the user's pain points, for example: take advantage of the celebrity, point to the user's need for sunscreen but also "whitening" but looking "plain makeup".

2. Pay attention to the first picture - use before and after comparison pictures, real-life scenes, avoid excessive alteration or steal pictures. For example: sunscreen brand, with a real and unpretentious back, the obvious sunscreen effect contrast.

3. Set contradictions - throw away the views or troubles of a certain issue, set up irrelevant points of contention on the product, or set up controversial comments in the comment area and put them on top. Good or bad reviews of products can be very polarized, bloggers can clearly express their personal attitudes, and allow users to lively discuss.

4. Attractive headlines - as the name suggests, use the title as a hot spot. It's more intuitive to find the resonance, dig deep into the advantages of ingredients, and use more words to poke pain points. For example: to cooperate with younger users of Xiaohongshu, focus on the needs of subdivided scenes with "Top Ten", "Fair" and "Student Party".

5. Video + text combination - While using a video, add complete text content for easy reference.

6. Easy-to-understand copywriting - Use popular language to explain dry and professional views, be unique in point, and have a sincere attitude.

4. KOX Delivery Strategy

  • Choosing the right person can make the investment more effective. Different Xiaohongshu influencers have different advantages, such as KOC. These influencers usually promote products in a rough way. They are responsible for word of mouth, authenticity and atmosphere. Use the advantages of KOC to provide real feedback for posting orders, plus buyer show assistance, so that users can be planted.

  • "Waist KOL" is responsible for seeding and professionalism. This kind of KOL is a precision push method, vertical or middle seeding circle layer, their professional endorsement, can accurately touch the heart of users.

  • "Head KOL", this type of KOL does not account for much in Xiaohongshu, but their strength should not be underestimated. This type of KOL can quickly build popularity, have a high degree of coverage, and then reach the fan following effect, thereby improving the tonality. This group of KOLs is responsible for the texture and influence of Xiaohongshu. One of their recommendations or negative reviews is absolutely capable of influencing product sales.

5. Schedule delivery cycle

Different brand maturity levels are different in Xiaohongshu's deployment cycle strategy.

  • Cutting-edge brand: Makeup model (the release cycle is similar to the female makeup process, hence the name "makeup")

The breakthrough of new and sharp brands is speed, the concentration of sales, and rapid formation of word-of-mouth effect and product recognition. From Xiaohongshu to purchase, it lays the foundation for the social explosion and then radiates social platforms in other scenarios.

  • Gathering momentum: use KOC to quickly shop as an "SEO" function, repeatedly brainwashed with multiple keywords, concentrate on big hits, and lay the cognitive foundation for new brands and new products.

  • Seeding: evaluation of the mid-waist hanging category, strategy-based dry-goods professional seeding, and strengthen the reputation.

  • Detonation: Introduce head resources + beauty image to improve texture.

  • Breaking the circle: The mid-waist influencers of the cross-sagging class has fun with creativity, and the broken circle is more eye-catching.

  • Posting orders: The amateurs follow the trend and post orders to create details and enhance the sense of hierarchy.

  • Mature brand: Sun model

Mature brands focus on daily steady investment and concentrated large-scale investment in nodes.

  • Daily steady investment: Mainly focus on mid-waist drape talents, and focus on maintaining the brand's voice.

  • Centralized node investment: node global resource coverage, topic blessing, multi-level rapid mental planting.

  • For example: Tiffany creates Blue Valentine's Day, on 214 Valentine's Day, 520 Confession Day and Chinese Valentine's Day. Tiffany focuses on the concept of Blue Valentine's Day during Valentine's Day, allowing users to regard Tifanny Blue as the best Valentine's Day gift.

If you plan to promote your brand on Xiaohongshu, please contact us to customize an exclusive plan.

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