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Excellent service from the CTD team, one of the best partnerships I value as an agency team. Corey is always helpful, quick to respond and very transparent with what CTD can do - they don't oversell and overpromise what they can deliver, especially when we're dealing with a walled digital ecosystem such as China.


D G, Client Director, Agency

China Marketing Company – China Trading Desk

Making China A Borderless Market

Enabling marketeers to make better decisions, devise better marketing programs.

Promoting a clean and transparent digital advertising environment.

Integrating with insight, intelligence and innovation.

Mobilizing the Power of Digital Marketing in China’s unique Business, Media and Consumer Culture.

Many find marketing and advertising in China a complex market - regulations; a fragmented digital landscape; separate eco-systems; diverse consumer behaviours; different creative formats; cultural differences etc. 


We see our challenge to turn this complexity into simplicity – to uncrowd the crowded. We, a digital marketing company in China, navigate the market for better efficiencies and the effectiveness of every marketing campaign to Chinese audience. With over a billion people to connect, we do not limit our scope in simply reaching or targeting them, we see our role in making meaningful connections, understanding their responses, reporting transparently in real-time and allowing for consequential decisions.


It’s not about leveraging ‘the social network’. It’s about creating ‘social ties’. We don’t just connect. We integrate with China.

We believe 

In One-On-One Relationships

Whether it's internally or externally. Understanding consumers individually or our clients, our partners, our employees' needs. We believe you can only have or build a relationship if you understand needs, motivations, barriers or responses of everyone. 

Our Vision

Create Borderless Markets

When we erase mental borders, we understand and integrate with people. We see our role in creating a frictionless, seamless world, where the new feels familiar. A borderless world.

Our Purpose

Make China, Marketeer Friendly

Integrate with marketeers to make better decisions, devise better marketing programs.   Integrate with an eco-system for a clean and transparent digital advertising environment.   Integrate with insight, intelligence and innovation.

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