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APP of the month - Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, It’s one of the largest and fastest growing social e-commerce apps in China, and unlike other e-commerce platforms, it started as a community where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards.

It describes itself as “a sharing platform for young people's lifestyles through deep-rooted UGC shopping sharing community”. But now this community has became what is known as a cross-border social e-commerce platform, threatening Chinese giants such as Taobao, JD, etc. This platform is designed to help users discover and purchase products, share recommendations, and provide helpful tips. Users often go on Xiaohongshu to investigate products and look for in-depth reviews and tutorials created by other users. Think of Xiaohongshu as a combination of Instagram and Pinterest.

XHS platform value:

  • 60 million MAU

  • 200 million Registered user

  • 250,000 new notes posted/day

XHS user:

  • 85% of users are female, 84% are under age 30

  • 60% from 1st tier 1 & 2nd tier cities

  • 60% IOS user

  • 600+ Celebrities join and share notes

XHS Ad type:

Search ads

Users enter search terms of interest in the search box

System matches keywords to ads

Ads appear randomly on result pages 3/13/23

Stream Ads

Use explores content on Discovery page & Life Inspiration

System matches targeting attributes to user profile for most appropriate ads

Ads appear randomly on discovery pages 6/16/26/36/46

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