China Trading Desk Offers a complete suite of solutions to enable you to succeed in China. With accountability & transparency as the top priority, our solutions are built to provide you confidence in managing marketing in China.  

Match Your Every Need

DSP and Trading Desk


Our flagship solution for all programmatic options in China. Our own DSP connects to major exchanges and our solution has access to over 30 private biddable platforms. Along with our teams’ access to direct buying channels, we cover 100% of media in China. Direct Buy, Programmatic Direct, Private Marketplace, Open Marketplace – we have you covered.

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China Data Bank


China Data Bank™ is an UnDMP - a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing the right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government. Initial partners for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc.

China WeSales


ChinaWeSales is a complete end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands that are trying to enter China with no prior sales or setup. Together with our partners, we provide technical mini-program creation & maintenance, logistic solution and payment processing.

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China SearchMax


What is beyond search marketing in China? CSEO or Content Search Engine Optimization is a unique way to drive organic traffic beyond traditional online marketing activities. With our pool of micro-influencers, news portal syndication, complex proprietary in-house algorithms we ensure high visibility on the first page of search results organically.

China Private Traffic


Private traffic is a marketing method where communication with customers is funnelled into private pools where brands can have complete control without any costs to 3rd party platforms. Using WeChat as an example, for each WeChat public account, WeChat group, and WeChat personal account, fans and friends are "Private traffic", as these can be independently operated and maintained by the account owners who have WeChat public group, and personal account.

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