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Link Taobao Products In Xiaohongshu Live Stream

Xiaohongshu, known as the Chinese version of Instagram, has more than 250 million users. As the young people's lifestyle sharing platform and the entrance to the consumption decision, it provides a highly advantageous platform resource for brand reputation marketing. With the continuous development of social e-commerce, Xiaohongshu vigorously develops its own E-Commerce business (like the APP function combined with Instagram and Amazon)", such as XHS note content is linked to XHS store, live streaming function, etc., but its disadvantage is that it is only limited to XHS's e-commerce platform, and it requires companies to open the XHS store, especially for overseas brands, the requirements are relatively high.

According to China media reports, the well-known Xiaohongshu blogger "Ai Chou Mei de Gou tian er" who with 1.58 million fans posted a Taobao link in the live-streaming room on August 16, allowing users to click on the link and go directly to the Taobao page. In response, Xiaohongshu responded that the function is currently in the testing stage and only a small part of the link path is open to Taobao.

This cooperation between Xiaohongshu and Taobao help to complement Xiaohongshu's young female users and community attributes with the Alibaba e-commerce brand's desire to expand consumer groups and seek breakthroughs in the social field, it will greatly help the brand marketing on the Xiaohongshu platform.

In addition to the Taobao link in the internal test of Xiaohongshu's live streaming, on August 15th, Xiaohongshu also officially launched a video account (short video content marketing).

This is one of series of new development from Xiahongshu, we will start seeing more features rolling out soon to help brands take advantage of the user base.


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