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China Data Bank


China Data Bank™ is an UnDMP - a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing the right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government. Initial partners for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc.

CDB is a joint initiative between China Trading Desk & Octoplus Media 

How does this work?


  • Working with our data partners we build bespoke segments for each campaign depending on the strategy & ad placements.

  • We create campaigns in the required DSP or Biddable platform and provide access to data partners

  • Data partners upload the segments directly to the backend of the DSP/Biddable platform

  • Start the campaign to target the most precise & accurate audience.

Selected Partners

Combine the precise & comprehensive China Data Bank™ with our extensive media access using Trading Desk and in-depth analytics from Miaozhen to turbo-charge your China advertising campaigns like never before.

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