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Insight Report - 2020 Xiaohongshu Mother&Child Industry Report

When we think of Xiaohongshu or Little Red Book, we immediately associate beauty & skincare product on the platform. This has created a lot of stereotypes and XHS is actively promoting other content ecology, especially maternal & infant, fashion, apparel, culture & tourism. This new report details the rapid increase in mother & baby category.

Mother and child brand's main products include complimentary food machine, radiation-proof clothing, baby cart, safety seats and so on. Although the unit price of these mother and child products is higher, they are all very popular. In addition, the most attention paid to the sub-categories of the maternal and infant industry is the parenting experience and maternity experience. However, in terms of the product concept and planting content, it is mainly based on the starting point of the maternal and infant population for the child’s good intentions.

Mother&Child Livestreaming stats:

  1. >27% - click rate of maternal and infant products is over 10%

  2. >53% - user interaction rate in the live room is over 10%

  3. 11% - unit price of maternal and infant products is more than 500 yuan

  4. 79% - the volume of goods brought by maternal and child experts

In the ranking of Xiaohongshu maternal and child brands, the amount of interaction between domestic and foreign brands is comparable, but in the top 10, foreign brands account for 60%. It is obvious that foreign brands pay more attention to Xiaohongshu than domestic brands.

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