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Join CTD Referral Program

Did you enjoy our services? Do you find value in us helping you with marketing in China / to Chinese ex pats?

As a client of China Trading Desk, you have the edge to grow your/your client business in China with our expert insights, China acumen, access to premium media ranging from WeChat to DXY, and everything in between. We invite you to share the experience.

Introduce your associates or friends and receive USD500 for every successful referral*

or receive USD5,000 for every 5 successful referrals*. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support and trust in us. Your associate will also enjoy a special promotion when they run their first campaign.

You can also request to donate to the non-profit organisation of your choice in your/your company name, in lieu of rewards directly to you!

How does the referral work?

CTD Referral Step 1

Share our solution with your associates or friends.

CTD Referral Step 2

Get their consent so that we can contact them directly.

CTD Referral Step 3

Fill in the below form or provide details to your account manager.

CTD Referral Step 4

You get rewarded! For every referral you refer that becomes a client.

Your friend gets the same level of dedication and expert service that you expect from us!

In addition, as a new customer, they also get FREE access to the Miaozhen dashboard and 10% bonus delivery for first campaign.

*Successful referral refers to clients who has started their first campaign with us.

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