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Marketing Ideas - Blind Box Marketing

Blind boxes are where different items are placed by merchants in a Box and the user draws the item by luck. Customers are not aware of the item until they purchase a blind box. Lucky boxes and themed bags in shopping malls, such as New Year's and Christmas bags launched by beauty brands each year, are all blind boxes.

Blind box marketing refers to the use of randomized and probabilistic sales methods to arouse curiosity or even gambling psychology that causes addiction, thus creating irrational consumption, especially when it involves "limited edition" products. Blind box marketing helps businesses in achieving multiple goals, including stimulating transaction conversion, improving re-purchase rate, increasing unit price, inventory clearance, and so on.

Blind box marketing can be divided into two categories:

1. Packaging products into blind boxes for sale

The concept of blind box is used to package original products, such as trial products launched by beauty brands -- L 'Oreal small beauty boxes launched by the cosmetic group, contained 6-8 brands of trial products.

2."Buy 1 get 1 free" option to receive a blind box

Using blind boxes as an incentive to attract customers. For example, Li Ning launched a lucky bag containing random products valued at 800 RMB for purchases of 999 RMB.

Key to Blind Box Success

1. Prize selection

Generally, the prizes of blind box activities are composed of two parts: lower-value prizes, such as power banks and Bluetooth headsets, and high-value prizes, which are also gimmicked prizes that attract users to participate in activities, such as mobile phones and gift packages worth thousands of RMB.

2. Marketing Poster

The blind box poster is usually composed of four parts: main title + subtitle + prizes + scan code for call to action.

3. Marketing path

It is mainly divided into two categories: one is to attract traffic to WeChat official account, and the other is to attract traffic to the enterprise official WeChat account.

4. User conversion

  • Enterprise WeChat official account / WeChat personal account - The objective is to attract users into the customer service account through event welcome messages, graphics & messages, assistance reminders, etc. Users will be converted through one-to-one communication, such as sending of exclusive benefits, preferential activities, etc.

  • Communities - The entrance to the community is similar to above. Upon entering the community, users are converted via group purchases, seckill – ultra low priced products almost sold out immediately, lucky draw, live streaming, etc.

  • Multiple messages sent in groups: Upon following the official account, the account automatically pushes multiple messages to the user within a certain time frame.

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