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Best 2020 Marketing Tools

China Marketing activities can get very complicated, from media selection, new advancement in technology to new modes of advertising to entirely new opportunities to rapidly evolving innovative non-media solutions.

How can marketers keep track of all the tools & technologies available to build a better marketing plan and run effective campaigns? Here are some solutions we have aggregated to help make your marketing life easier:

1. Taobao series background data


Marketers can use SYCM tool to do market trend insights, analyze market categories, analyze competing products and brands, and structure planning and analysis of store operations.

2. E-commerce plug-in

Little W (小W神)

"Little W" can mainly help to restore the transaction index, download the main picture/video, analyze, detect new products, analyze new products of Douyin promotion and new products of Taobao store, and analyze competing products, so as to understand the latest market trends of competitors.

Super W (W超人)

"Super W" is mainly a plug-in used in e-commerce pages to make up for Little W's function in operation analysis. It can quickly see the number of people paying for product, visitors, transaction amount, purchase rate, 30-day GMV, conversion rate, UV value, customer unit price.

58 Tu (58图)

"58 Tu" is a website that can help planners find the e-commerce pages of brands during past festivals for reference.

3. Advertising marketing case website


Advertising marketing cases/articles/agent index comprehensive recommendation TOP1, providing multiple marketing messages


Advertising creative intelligent search tool, which can search intelligently according to the combination of category, brand, festival, star, countries and other intelligent search words.


A variety of international case studies can be searched. TOPYS has also interviewed more than 100 top global creatives, with more than 30,000 original articles, and provided more than 1 billion reading opportunities for more than one million users.

4. Media/Channel background data

Feigua (飞瓜)

Short video ecological service platform mainly provides background data of Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili, such as: "KOL data, KOL list according to industry labels, product sales and page views list according to industry labels, and live-streaming sales list.

Doushang Eye (抖商眼)

With the function of live-streaming monitoring, user can monitor the KOLs, the number of sales, sales volume, online user, and cumulative number of viewers. These data points are good for merchants and anchors.

Weibo Yi

User can check Weibo, WeChat, XHS KOL, ranking quotation, etc. to be a reference.

Souxiu (搜秀)

Soxiu is an analysis platform that specializes in viewing the data of Xiaohongshu.

5. Advertisement censorship law

New advertising law prohibited word search tool

Check whether brand advertising words comply with the new advertising law


Ju1 can check the beauty industry and news industry banned words.

All this & more are covered in our most comprehensive Primer on Digital Advertising. Reach out to us if you are interested to learn more about effective marketing in China.

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