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Tencent Launched A Private Traffic Tool

Most of the current private traffic operations are based on Tencent's various products (especially WeChat), but due to the privacy of social networks, it is difficult for outsiders to obtain such data. Therefore, companies cannot accurately analyze, build user profiles, track the user fission and conversion of various contacts, let alone optimize operations.

The private traffic tool "Tencent Youshu" launched by Tencent has greatly solved this problem. Through this tools, it is possible to obtain private data such as official accounts, mini-programs, communities, corporate WeChat, etc., to analyze the closed-loop of users in the WeChat ecosystem from browsing, click and purchase to transaction conversion, and understand user consumption behaviour and life cycle.

Three core functions of "Tencent Youshu" - Full contact analysis, marketing effect tracking, and user asset management.

1. Full contact analysis - Track the specific source and destination of traffic, check the operating status and conversion rate of each contact, integrate long-term tracking of different scenarios, including data tracking such as WeChat official channels and custom channels; Among them, "Official Account Analysis" can accurately analyze the fan operation and conversion effects of WeChat Official Accounts; "Live Analysis" can view operational data and live delivery data, including real-time analysis and live-streaming review.

2. Marketing effect tracking - Mainly through the multi-level ROI attribution model, it can track the marketing effect from different angles such as instant, short-term, long-term, fission, etc., to measure the marketing value.

3. User asset management - Outline a full range of user profile by obtaining user group attributes, behaviours, and contact labels, and manage the user life cycle.

Learn more about Private traffic and talk to us if you want another innovative channel in your marketing mix.

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