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Covid-19 played a big role in changing marketing in China with a huge shift to online leveraging live-streaming, and live selling is all the rage in China now. Various platforms and companies have increased their investment in live streaming. At the same time, the scale of anchors and users are also growing rapidly. Our partner Octoplus media recently planned and executed two overseas live streaming of cross-border e-commerce in Hong Kong and Macau.

Mead Johnson on Singles’ Day in Hong Kong

Promoted via a 3 pronged strategy - Live Streaming, KOL Article & Private Traffic.

1. 3 famous Mommy and Baby KOL from Mainland hosted live streaming, accentuated the promotion and the worthiness for purchasing Infant Milk Formula (IMF) on WeChat Live.

2. KOL WeChat Article Write-up to hype on the products and WeChat Live

3. Fission through Wechat Private traffic

Taobao Macau on Singles’s Day in Macau

Working directly to promote Taobao for the first time in Macau to promote Singles' Day.

1. Try the form of "show + sell product" for the first time on the countdown night of Singles’ Day.

2. Cross-border marketing cooperation - Taobao × Suncity Macau

3. TVC Ads to compliment digital.

If you are interested to learn more, Reach out to us.

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