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Marketing Idea - Mini-Program

JD Mini Program platform was officially released on April 22, dedicated to bringing new services and new experiences to consumers.

The mini-program will support self-operated stock and automatic activation of POP merchants, new types of non-e-commerce businesses to participate in the mini-program ecosystem. Merchants who join the JD mini-program open platform can use the complete marketing, transaction, payment, membership, and logistics capabilities of the JD platform to construct their own special service scenarios more conveniently. Assist brands to achieve upgrades in ecological scenarios and quickly provide users with a one-stop service experience.

Recently, JD Luxury and Bulgari reached cooperation in the form of JD Mini Programs. Now, users can search for "Bulgari" through the JD APP and go directly to the brand's official mini-program boutique to purchase BVLGARI products such as jewellery, watches, bags and accessories.

Brands no longer need to embed in the form of WeChat applets or official websites, but directly embed them in the form of JD applets. When the user searches for the "Bulgari" keyword in the JD APP, the Bulgari JD applet pops up directly, and the user no longer needs to authorize the WeChat account. The advantage is to convert public domain traffic into private domain traffic in the form of mini-programs and firmly control user data in their own hands, rather than handing it over to third-party e-commerce platforms.

With this introduction of mini-program and onboarding luxury brands, more such brands are expected to join the initiative very soon.

To learn more about mini-programs across multiple platforms talk to us.

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