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Guide to Mini-Program

Mini-program ecosystem has exploded within WeChat friends’ circle and gradually improved its ecology since 2018. Subsequently; Alipay, Baidu, Toutiao and major mobile phone manufacturers launched mini-program one after another.

Focusing on product development, mini-programs are being redefined, improved in capabilities and advanced infrastructure towards traffic distribution, accelerating the eCommerce process. Let's list some of the popular mini-program platforms on the market.

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat was the first to introduce mini-program, the ecosystem was mature, forming a complete closed-loop of traffic. The user enters the mini-program from the WeChat official account, chat window or external APP and other traffic portals, and then returns to the official account, chat window or external APP through the payment, sharing, and redirect capabilities of the mini program.

Baidu Mini Program

Baidu intelligent mini-program is based on the concept of openness, breaking the traditional island-style traffic flow, realizing that the traffic can reach users in the whole domain. Users can access the mini-program through Baidu search portal or fixed entry in Baidu products, but also through such as, iQiyi and other APPs.

Alipay Mini Program

Alipay’s mini-programs focus more on business services and government life services. After entering the mini-program by scanning code, using live number, collection and other ways to retain users, merchants utilize notifications and other functions in Alipay to complete the user’s recall to re-purchase.

We have built a comprehensive guide about mini-program, here is a snippet.

Reach out to us if you are interested to learn more about mini-program marketing in China.

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