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JD Big Data report - Girl Power

Female are always as an important role in the consumption upgrade process, and they have also become the leader of high-quality consumption. According to the "2020 Female's Consumption Trend Report" released by JD Big Data Research Institute, 2019 females consume more 3C (computer/communication/consumer electronic) and home appliances. Sports health has become their new focus. According to the 2019 sports classification report, barbells have become female's first choice of home appliances, the business volume increased by 292% Y-o-Y on the JD platform, it ranks first in sports classification.

From the region of consumption, the consumption level of female in the tier 1 market is high. The top 5 provinces and cities for female’s consumption are Beijing, Liaoning, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, and Jilin. The top 5 provinces and cities for female’s consumption growth are: Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Guangdong, Jilin and Inner Mongolia. Nine of the ten cities are in the north, and 6 in Northeast China.

At the moment of the epidemic, in addition to being gatekeeper of family safety, women also play six different roles:

敏感型-Sensitive:Keep watch for family health, they buy masks, disinfectants, and vitamin C.

居家型-Homely:Buy vegetables and fruits, and fresh food.

娱乐性-Entertainment:Do some exercise while taking care of young children.

悦己型- Self satisfied type:(shopping for yourself)young ladies buying skin care products.

育儿型- Parenting: Eating, Playing, Learing with children.

逆行者-Hospital workers: They miss their family, and 70% purchases are kids related.

Women take on multiple roles in the society. In the process of growing up, shopping for themselves, for babies, and for their families will be further comprehensive and the scale of online consumption will continue to expand.In the high proportion of traditional industries, such as beauty makeup and maternal and child products, the products with more vertical and segmentation functions will further attract female groups, such product consumption will continue to rise. A more diversified and personalised new generation of female will soon become the main force of consumption, and the potential of female consumption in tier 3 & below cities will continue to increase.

You can view & download the complete report (in Chinese) from here.

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