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Expanding ecosystem for WeChat mini-program

The WeChat mini-program team announced that the average annual DAU of mini-program exceeded 400 million in 2020, and the annual cumulative transaction volume increased by more than 100%. The mini-Programs have given full play to the value of epidemic prevention in the past year. The health code has served more than 800 million users, and the QR code has been displayed more than 20 billion times; the epidemic prevention itinerary card has accessed 550 million users and the cumulative number of visits reached 1.94 billion. Effectively increasing inspection of front-line epidemic prevention points and traffic efficiency; In the past year, the Social insurance mini-program has helped 160 million users realize online insurance without leaving their homes. During the epidemic, mini-programs helped businesses re-establish direct channels with users, the diversified services and business ecosystems are gradually improving.

WeChat mini-programs average daily active users exceeded 400 million and the total sales (GMV) more than doubled compared to last year while the number of Mini Programs used per user and the average transaction value increased by 25% and 67% Y-O-Y respectively. WeChat mini-programs have helped brands and businesses to easily embrace digitalization and enable direct access to hundreds of millions of stay home consumers during the pandemic. Today, the services are used in a variety of sectors with transportation, departmental stores, apparels, and sporting goods leading the growth.

WeChat mini-program has become the most efficient carrier for FMCG brands to connect consumers and terminal stores. Specifically, the online penetration rate of FMCG brand D2C mall has increased, with an annual growth rate of 490%.

The retail channel is based on the advantages of mini-programs low threshold, the community + mini-program has become the standard allocation of community group purchase. Mini-program pre-sale + self-service pick-up mode improved the increase of offline traffic to the store, but can also effectively complete the secondary transformation. The GMV of the retail industry increased by 254%.

Through the cooperation of multiple products of Service account, WeChat Work, and mini-program, brands are able to maximize the operation of stores and shopping guide resources. Meanwhile, a growing number of luxury brands have defined mini-programs as official online stores that launching limited collections and new products. The GMV of fashion brands grew by 216% a year.

B2B store assistant

Mini-program launched B2B store assistant, through the access of plug-in capability, to help brands and distributors to complete the effective connection of terminal stores, mainly focusing on solving 2 problems:

1) Assisting brands and distributors identify real stores based on WeChat basic capabilities to ensure the effectiveness and authenticity of stores

2) Provide brands with store-oriented message reach capabilities, ensuring that messages are delivered promptly, and improve the operational efficiency of the company's distribution system

Mini-program help small and medium-sized businesses start an online business

WeChat mini-stores have now opened 34 first-level categories after the expansion, including shopping, life services, tourism, education, etc. and it will continue to expand to help businesses from all walks of life to open stores on WeChat.

In terms of functionality, WeChat mini-stores are also continuously optimizing customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and dissemination:

  • Enrich marketing forms: launch a variety of coupons and flash sale;

  • Create a new customer acquisition scene: support mini-stores associated video account, purchase guide, and distribution, etc., improve the ability of mini-stores to promote customer acquisition.

  • WeChat service platform: Linkage with ecological partners to provide product management, order, distribution, marketing, ERP, and other personalized expansion services to better meet the personalized needs of merchants;

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