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Insights Report - 2021 Douyin/XHS Beauty Brand Report

According to “2021 Beauty Industry Douyin/XHS Marketing Report” jointly released by Youmi Youshu and Beauty Expo, the market size of China’s beauty industry has steadily increased, however big brands and cutting-edge domestic products are caught in a scuffle. From the launch of new products, the cultivation of content, to the cultivation of user’s minds and the creation of brand tonality, Xiaohongshu and Douyin have played an important role in the rise of beauty brands, and they are the rearrangement of social media marketing for beauty brands.

Douyin & Xiaohongshu Marketing Analysis

According to the analysis of the report, beauty brands mainly focus their marketing budget on social media platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu. Among them, Douyin has become the platform with the largest share of brand investment in marketing budget, accounting for 43.53%. The second is Xiaohongshu, accounting for 29.41% and close to 30% of the total. In addition to Douyin and Xiaohongshu, brand owners also invest their marketing budgets on mainland social media platforms:

9.02% WeChat OA

3.14% Weibo

275% Kuaishou

1.18% Bilibili

1.18% WeChat Video Account

9.79% Other platforms

In 2021, overall the trend of interaction volume of Douyin and Xiaohongshu’s beauty makeup has gradually upward, the amount of Douyin beauty content interaction has continued to rise since April, and reached a small peak of 122.7 billion+ during the 6.18 shopping in June, total live streaming even accumulated up to 2852w hours. The peak interaction volume of Xiaohongshu’s beauty notes appeared in August and October, and the monthly interaction volume reached 1.5billion+, on year 2021, the number of notes in October was the highest, and the number reached 165w+.

The report subdivides the beauty industry into three categories: makeup / skincare / personal care, and finds that Douyin platform has the most skincare content, while Xiaohongshu has more makeup content. From the perspective of the Douyin beauty market, skincare content ranks first, accounting for 41.5%, while personal care content accounts for 33.9%, ranking second, and the third is makeup content, accounting for 24.6%; in the content distribution for makeup products, Xiaohongshu contribute the highest content while Douyin has the lowest content, accounting for 55.2%, followed by skincare accounting for 412% and personal care accounting for 3.6%.

Douyin & Xiaohongshu Beauty Expert Ecology

Through the analysis of the report, Douyin and Xiaohongshu have similar levels of fans of beauty makeup adults.

76.56% of Douyin Beauty KOC fans are in the order of less than 100,000, followed by 100,000 – 1,000,000 followers, accounting for 19.18%. The proportions of mid-level (1million – 5 million fans) and top (5 million+ fans) are 3.71% and 0.55%.

68.87% of Xiaohongshu beauty KOC talents have less than 10,000 fans, nearly 30% of the lower-level talents have 10,000 – 100,000 fans, accounting for 27.50%; mid-level talents have 100,000 – 500,000 fans, it accounts for 3.25%; the numbers of fans of the top talents is 500,000+, accounting for 0.38%

Analysis of Three Brand Types: Traditional & Cutting-Edge vs Domestic & International

Douyin sales analysis: Gradient differentiation of self-broadcast sales 自播销量占比梯度分化

The average monthly sales volume of the three major brand types is more than 250,000, and the performance is relatively average, the sales of traditional international brands are the highest, and the monthly average live broadcast sales of cutting-edge domestic products are the highest, but there is no significant gap with the other two categories.

Live broadcast sales account for more than 50% of product sales, with an average monthly live broadcast of 1,700+, while brands self-broadcast sales have a gradient differentiation, and self-broadcast sales account for the proportion of live broadcast sales: 8.23% of traditional domestic products > 32.27% of cutting-edge national brands > 51.92% of traditional international brands.

Under the general trend of Douyin’s self-broadcasting, traditional domestic products are currently at the forefront, reflecting its emphasis on Douyin’s own channel construction and private domain operations. Judging from the statistical analysis results of the three major brand types, Douyin live broadcast has become an important incremental channel for beauty brands, and the self-broadcasting trend of traditional domestic products is the most obvious.

Click here to download the full report in Chinese.

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