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2021 Xiaohongshu Brand Marketing Manual

Yien Century Data Technology conducted a brand marketing analysis based on the consumption industry of Xiaohongshu this year. Xiaohongshu, as the "content seeding" aggregation place of major brands, realizes the transformation from "content seeding" to "content syndication" through live streaming e-commerce, social e-commerce, and private domain diversion at the time of traffic growth. The actions have ushered in a new round of changes for the brands, and has become a high ground for cutting-edge brand marketing.

I. What content do users and consumers of Xiaohongshu care about?

With the changes in overall consumption trends this year, the hot content of Xiaohongshu has undergone new changes.

According to the "Yien 2021 Xiaohongshu Brand Marketing Manual", from January to May 2021, travel, beauty, and fashion content are the most searched content. Obviously more diversified content is occupying the territory of Xiaohongshu, and it also brings opportunities for more industry brands.

TOP content label classification from January to May 2021

II. New brands are quickly entering the vision of new consumer groups. How can brands choose KOLs rationally and optimize the input-output ratio?

A. Status quo of delivery

It is not the high popularity of KOLs that can bring brand commercial value. Through the comparative analysis of the hot list and the hot investment list, it is found that the overlap between the hot KOL and the commercial hot investment KOL is only 13%. KOLs with commercialization capabilities generally open live broadcast functions, and diversified content expression, conversion paths, and targeted content will be more conducive to higher returns.

B. High-quality brand launch

Through the observation of the TOP50 popular brands of Xiaohongshu in each month of 2021, it is found that the beauty brand is still the Top 1 brand, and the FMCG products such as daily chemicals and small home appliances are also emerging on the list. Only 13 brands will be on the 2021 Xiaohongshu TOP50 Hot Brand List, of which beauty brands account for about 84.6%, and most of their notes are top KOLs. 、Mid-waist KOL is mainly used, with better content quality and influence.

The 13 hottest brands of Xiaohongshu in 2021:

C. Brand content analysis

Popular grass-growing content is based on the product itself. The trial experience, unboxing evaluation, red and black list, product evaluation, and ingredient science have become the first choice for brand grass-planting; strategic placement will help brand advertisers reduce time and energy. The cost of trial and error, the ultimate goal of faster harvesting of product efficiency.

Top 10 popular grass growing content:

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