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Insights Report - XHS (RED) Beauty Industry report

XiaoHongShu or Little Red Book (simply RED) and the international market research company Ipsos jointly published the latest Mid-Year beauty insights report to better understand beauty industry & changes in 2020. The report analyzes the current situation and trend of XHS beauty industry from beauty market insights, beauty user profiles, and marketing suggestions between January and June of 2020. At present, XHS has over 100 Million MAU, and the users of beauty makeup content account for 56%, covering various forms of related content sharing such as Graphic & Contest notes, videos and live streaming.

Key Insights from the report:

- Beauty Market

The epidemic has accelerated online marketing, and the brands have shifted their marketing activities to online marketing, relying more on content communities and short videos / live-streaming. The online marketing mode makes consumers have a stronger sense of participation and better experience and further stimulates consumers' desire for shopping. The beauty industry has returned rapidly since April, and it’s showing an upward trend.

- User Profile

  1. The consumer group of female beauty content is getting younger. Of all the female users who read about beauty content, 42% are from new 1st-tier cities, such as Chengdu and Nanjing, as well as 2nd-tier cities. The group has a clear trend of getting younger and expanding to lower-tier cities.

  2. Male beauty content consumer groups are mainly in 1st & 2nd tier cities. The trends for male beauty content consumers on the XHS app paralleled the women’s, Male uers are young people around 25 years old and mainly in 1st & 2nd tier cities. Men's preference is for skin care, personal care needs and perfume also ballooned among male users.

- Marketing suggestions

  1. Brands should build trust through KOL as a way to do greater business with consumers (known as the B2K2C loop).

  2. Make good use of high-quality beauty bloggers for sharing true feelings and building reputation.

  3. Combined with the popular topics of beauty cosmetics in the community, to motivate users to share actively.

For detail report (in Chinese) download here.

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