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Driving High-Quality Traffic Through Zhihu

As the largest knowledge content platform on the Internet in China, Zhihu has as many as 75 million monthly active users, and its users are characterized by high education, high income, and high consumption. These users have a high degree of acceptance of new products and new services and are more willing to try and experience new things. These users with various interests are the high-quality target audiences of most Internet products and potential users of most brands. This is also the fundamental reason why more and more brands choose to advertise on Zhihu.

Internet users’ knowledge and sources of information range from simple searches to detailed explanations on Zhihu. The high-quality content has continuously enhanced users’ trust, and Zhihu’s brand value and influence have also been highlighted. When you are still looking for answers to your questions on Baidu, but you are constantly attracted by Zhihu titles, you jump to the Zhihu platform. Users can also be known to recommend brands & products, search for relevant information before buying, and share it after shopping, which further affects the entire chain of consumer decision-making.

Zhihu's influence on user behaviour is everywhere. On Zhihu, there are both professional and in-depth questions and answers, as well as humorous and down-to-earth responses. For new consumer brands, Zhihu is one of the choices when brands want to start building brand awareness and creating a more three-dimensional brand image.

Zhihu SEO can be perfectly combined with Baidu into Content SEO, and the traffic is also very high. It can be seen that Zhihu is still a highly weighted media platform on the Internet.

More and more brands, such as OLAY, Audi, NIO, Huawei, Xiaomi, Keep, etc., began to have close dialogues with users on Zhihu, accepting compliments while also accepting well-intentioned criticisms. In this way, brands have created a sense of participation.

Zhihu also has other forms of advertising: such as screen opening, native ads and other forms. Distributed amount massive amounts of user behaviour data intelligently through AI technology to provide more powerful product solutions. Rich advertising styles, precise search scenarios, and tools to enable timely conversion are favoured by more and more customers.

To use Zhihu as an analogy, every description, every picture, every comment in the answer is just like the facade, product and environment (content pool) of the brand store. Therefore, the brand should carefully polish each content and constantly monitor the content that is being browsed and seen, all these planting transformations have made Zhihu's content value more prominent.

Industries suitable for advertising and promotion in Zhihu include education, e-commerce, service, tourism, etc. If you are interested in Zhihu advertising, please contact us!

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