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APP of the month - Zhihu

Zhihu, China's largest knowledge sharing platform, it’s a powerful content marketing tool suitable for various industries.

Zhihu ( is a knowledge-sharing website widely used by younger audience in China and it is also one of the online platforms with a large and excellent user community and high-quality content. As a giant of Chinese Q&A websites, Zhihu currently has 220 million users, 160 million answers, 40 million DAU, 33 billion monthly views and 70 minutes of daily visits per user. According to the user base of Zhihu, the majority of users are 19-35 years old, more than 45% of the users are distributed in 1st tier and new 1st tier cities, and the number of users in 2nd tier and 3rd tier cities" participating in the discussion, sharing and interaction is increasing.

Zhihu is one of the high-quality UGC platforms for Chinese Internet, which gathers the topics from various professional fields. Zhihu topic groups are usually well educated and have good professional knowledge background, which is very suitable for long-term advertising to educate users.

In addition to PC-side ads, there are four main types of advertisements in Zhihu APP, they are open-screen ads, feed ads, answer page ads, and search ads. The conversion rate and quotation based on advertisements vary from industry to industry. It is recommended to combine content orientation and interest orientation to accurately target audience, and use a variety of advertising forms in combination to achieve the maximum effect of advertising.

In addition, Zhihu content marketing includes soft article implantation, topic planning, search optimisation, and organisation account content operation (similar to WeChat public account operation, the brand side releases articles / answers to popular questions / interacts with fan users), etc. It mainly conducts in-depth content marketing communication in the form of Q&A, articles, and real-time content publishing.

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