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App of the month – Toutiao

Toutiao is a news data mining and AI-based news recommendation aggregator platform, it recommends information to users from various media sources and provides service products that connect people and information. Toutiao was developed by Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Zhang Yiming in March 2012, and released its first version in August 2012.

Personalized, real-time and accurate recommendation engine technology, can recommend news, music, movies, games, shopping, and other information in a personalized way according to the user's interests and location, etc., and can automatically and accurately calculate and recommend residents' interest information according to the user’s city, age, gender, occupation, and other characteristics. Toutiao has also launched the Toutiao tracing project using the more accurate geographical pop-up technology of the internet, and in 2018, successfully helped search for 7,000 missing persons, of which 2,704 were elderly and 733 were young children.

User and Data Analysis

  • 550 million registered users, 280 million MAU

  • 71% male, 29% female

  • Most users are between 25-50 years old, mainly in first- and second-tier cities

  • Daily content consumption of 5 billion, daily video viewing of 6 billion

  • Each person spends an average of 89 minutes per day on Toutiao

  • 600,000+ pieces of content are created daily

  • 100+ vertical categories, 100,000+ top influencers in vertical categories

Marketing Opportunities

Provide high-exposure, precise targeting, creative interactive advertising, and in-depth content interaction, combined with data to build brand marketing for brands.

1. Smart advertising mode

  • High exposure: brand takeover, in-feed ads, detail page ads

  • Precise targeting: user targeting (user profile, user behaviour, industry/brand interests and preferences, first-party data, third-party data), content targeting (vertical channels, content page, search keywords)

  • Creativity & interaction: interactive display ads, immersive experiences, customized interactive products

Marketing model: CPM / CPT / CPV

Upgraded CPM purchases, guaranteed delivery and achieved multiple marketing objectives, optimized placement, and optimization of reach and clicks through intelligent buying.

2. Content interaction

  • Official Account: official account “Blue V” certified, the brand’s long-term interactive fan base

Authentication & privileges: brand message aggregation, comment protection, e-commerce, call-to-action

Intelligent content creation: hot topic analysis, double titles/covers, image library

  • Vertical Community: target and engage the different vertical communities with common areas of interest

Precise targeting of vertical groups with shared interest topics, through vertical-themed projects whose content is created by high-quality PGC teams, create sponsored collaboration of vertical-themed projects: customized creative H5, brand/product placement, brand sponsorship, PGC created by top influencers on the platform, customized topics, offline collaboration, multiple brand exposure on the theme page, etc

  • Influencer Community: leveraging top influencers in vertical categories to drive brand affinity

Highly customized brand assets created by top influencers: advertorials, product placement, Q&A interactions, etc

  • Event Collaboration: enhance brand image through offline large-scale events and online collaboration

If you would like to learn more about Toutiao’s advertising opportunities, please contact us

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