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App of the month – Maimai

Maimai, which is known as the China version of “LinkedIn”, was launched in October 2013. It is a real-name authentication workplace social platform used by 110 million professionals, with a “well-known professional certification” and a “personal network engine” that helps China professionals to expand their personal network, apply for jobs or recruits, and committed to creating a platform for “personal network sharing” in the workplace.

Maimai brings together “middle and high-end talents” from first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as many Fortune 500 and China’s top 500 companies, and has more than 80 million business elites covering more than 100 industries including financial trade, IT internet, cultural media, real estate, medical care, and education etc. Currently, Maimai has more than 110 million registered users, 5.7 million posts in the content community and 7.18 million professionals linked to its recruitment service, and more than 100,000 companies are active on the platform.

Maimai User Analysis

  • Maimai users have minimal gender difference, 60% are male

  • MAU 29.49 million, total users 110 Million

  • 49% of users are 26-35 years old. Users in this age group are mainly in the stage of job hunting or job-switching, and the probability of changing careers is high. Thus they have a strong need to understand workplace trends and expand their network

  • 49% are from first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen)

  • Maimai user's spending power is mainly above medium, accounting for 86.5%

Maimai User Needs

  • The core needs of workplace friendship

Through scientific algorithms + big data + artificial intelligence to expand the network, and open up the five relationships of “colleagues, classmates, hometowns, same schools, and common friends”, Maimai is committed to expanding the social circle and networking opportunities of professionals in the workplace

  • Increased demand for community communication

Through UGC (user-generated content), the Maimai content community revolves around different topics in the workplace, arousing user resonance and thinking, publishing and browsing content through tags, and allowing users to comment on the content, like and share, etc, expanding the scope of users absorption of content

  • High-level demand for industry resources

Maimai provides a resource-sharing social platform, with a complete picture of the workplace users and workplace in China, a comprehensive network of people-to-people connections, allowing users to quickly find talent and resources, and efficiently connect with decision-makers. Maimai has two business models: To C and To B, whether the user is looking for talents or investment or marketing value services, Maimai promotes and provides the allocation and integration of industry resources.

Maimai Advertising Model

  • Display advertising: Users targeted advertising, attracting attention efficiently, diverting brand exposure, promotion activities or high-quality content, and widely focused

  • Content advertising: Native advertising deeply impresses users and builds trust with users through content, and deeply influences users’ purchasing decisions and brand awareness

  • Events Momentum: Build brand influence for enterprises through workplace live streaming, recruitment plazas, and other activities

Maimai Marketing Strategy

  • Brand marketing: Maimai Splash Ad, Homepage in-feed, Gossip Focus picture section, Job broadcast banner, job banner, visitor page list, skinner

  • Content marketing: Maimai industry headlines, Maimai native topics, Maimai event push, Maimai systems news, Maimai off-site media promotion

  • Event marketing: Maimai enterprise big shot job broadcasting, Maimai job broadcasting gift implantation, Maimai employer brand marketing, Maimai event topics

Maimai Case Study

  • Swarovski

Through China Trading Desk and China data bank, Swarovski promotes brand awareness of Swarovski as a corporate gift to China enterprises in China’s first-tier cities on the Maimai platform, targeting medical, finance/insurance, entertainment/tourism/hotel, technology, software, the auto industry Directors or big corporate, 25-45 years old audience who have purchased any luxury brand in the past two years. Swarovski’s advertising on the Maimai platform has achieved good results, with a click-through rate of 4.19% which is 279% higher than the click-through rate benchmarks.

If you want to know more about Maimai's case study and advertising inquiries, please contact us.

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