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App of the month - MOMO

Momo, a Nasdaq listed social platform based on LBS to meet new acquittances. Its platform is similar to its US counterpart, Tinder. Momo has launched two versions, Chinese and English. The English version currently only supports the IOS platform.

Momo has more than 100 million users and 60 million monthly active users. The user population is concentrated under the age of 32, of which 85% are users between the ages of 19 and 32, and the number of young groups is huge. The majority of Momo users are male, and most of the users are on Android.

Users can send free text, pictures and audio to other nearby users through Momo app, as well as local geographic location information, as well as participate in group discussions, check-in, and use live broadcast and video shooting functions.

Momo's current status

Today, Momo has developed into a stranger social platform that integrates stranger social networking, live broadcast, video, and games.

  • Huge market opportunity and industry leadership

Momo is currently No. 1 in mobile social communication, No. 2 in mobile online news and No. 3 in mobile search. Momo's daily activity and monthly activity are second only to WeChat and QQ.

  • Innovative social mode and active social ecology

Momo's marketing forms are diversified, and advertisers can choose to display advertisements in the form of videos and advertising in games. In the social ecology of the Momo platform, users use Momo for 30-40 minutes on average every day. At the same time, most Momo users are from second-and third-tier cities. Advertisers can use this feature to achieve mobile marketing and precisely reach users.

  • Powerful technical functions

Momo has strong technical advantages such as massive big data analysis capabilities, precise positioning technology, stable mobile communication technology and storage system. Advertisers can use powerful technology to achieve precise and optimized advertising delivery.

Momo advertising resources

  • Open screen ad

Momo's screen-opening advertisements can realize the first-time strong exposure of advertisements, support click-and-click interaction with users, and Momo's screen-opening advertisements can formulate different screen-opening advertisements for different regions. Open screen advertisements are mainly displayed in the form of pictures, videos and GIFs, which are suitable for new product launches and theme activities in the whole industry.

Charging mode: CPD (billed by day)

  • News Feed

In-feed ads are common places where ads appear in apps, such as nearby people, nearby updates, and friend updates. There are three types of information flow advertisements, namely landing page type, application promotion type and O2O type:

1. Landing page

The landing page type information flow advertisement is an intelligent promotion method based on user preferences and hot spots. When the goal is to achieve "order conversion" or "collection target", it supports jumping to external links.

Landing page information flow advertisements are mainly displayed in Momo moments, nearby events, nearby people and friends' dynamics in the form of pictures and videos.

Charge Mode: CPM or CPC

2. Application promotion

App promotion advertisements are interspersed in Momo's information flow as part of the content and are highly integrated with the APP content. The main promotion goal is for the "registration and installed capacity" of the application, prompting users to install and download directly after clicking on the advertisement.

App promotion information flow advertisements are mainly displayed in the style of pictures and videos at the moment, nearby dynamics, nearby people and friends' dynamics.

Charge Mode: CPM or CPC

3. Go to the store

Based on the massive localized user resources of the Momo platform, Diantong Advertising can accurately promote the business information to the surrounding customers in need, and help the local life service businessmen to efficiently acquire customers and expand business sources.

The store-to-shop advertisement is a picture displayed in the nearby dynamic and nearby people in the application, which is suitable for local O2O customers to promote new products, promotions and discounts.

Charge Mode: CPM or CPC

Momo Advertising Advantages

  • Multidimensional orientation

  • LBS + POI, accurate positioning to the nearest 5 meters, the benefits of physical stores

  • Flexible delivery, smart and convenient, diversified creative display and transparent monitoring data.

  • User advantage and consumption potential.

Contact us for more details about Momo Advertising!

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