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App of the month - Dewu (Poizon)

Dewu (Poizon) is China's leading fashion brand exchange and trading platform. It also provides a series of fashion brand services, including the authenticity of fashion brands and trend sharing services. Dewu has gathered a large number of fans who love sneakers, fashion brand wear and fashion culture. Topic discussions focused on hot topics that young people pay attention to, such as sneakers, fashion brands, figures, street culture, car watches, and fashion art.

According to Analysys Qianfan data, as of November 2020, the monthly active users of Dewu App reached 4.846 million, a year-on-year increase of 102%.

User structure:

  • The post-90s and below accounted for more than half of the users, and the gender ratio was relatively balanced. Among them, women accounted for 50.3%; men accounted for 49.7%.

  • Post-90s and below (below 30 years old) users accounted for more than 57% of the total, of which 24 years old and below accounted for the highest proportion

Marketing collaboration opportunity:

Dewu App provides the following advertising options:

  • Open screen

  • Homepage ads

  • Official push, product detail page communication, search hot word recommendation

In addition, Dewu will also provide operational tools and data systems to help brands reach target customers, quickly understand user preferences, and find the next opportunity.

To learn more about advertising on Poizon, contact us.


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