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App of the month - AutoNavi / Gaode Map

AutoNavi Maps is a professional navigation platform with accurate data in China. It is currently used by more than 700 million users, covering 90% of car owners across the country for driving and comprehensive car owner services, and it has covered more than 60 one-stop taxi-hailing platforms, ranking first in the travel industry.

AutoNavi Map has comprehensive functions: precise positioning, search, intelligent route planning and voice navigation. Its navigation service also provides positioning services for 400,000 apps such as Toutiao, Weibo, and Apple Maps, and has 500 million monthly active users. In addition, AutoNavi Maps provides 350 domain bus data and 30 domain real-time bus dynamics, allowing users to easily grasp and use bus services.


  • 40% female ; 60% male

  • 25-34 years old users accounted for the highest proportion; followed by 35-44 years old, 19-24 years old, 45-54 years old

  • 91.28% of users with a university degree or above

  • Affluent users -- 0.01% of the top rich (covering nearly 500,000 people); 3.07% of the rich (covering nearly 15.35 million people);

AutoNavi Advantage

77.8% of China's consumption amount/behaviour are offline, and AutoNavi Map covers all offline consumption scenes, such as various active marketing scene videos/information/offline screens, etc., which become the advantage of scene connection. AutoNavi Map has multi-dimensional data sources, using One ID to restore different data sources to a single user, and also has exclusive/recommended tags such as basic attribute tags, car usage tags, LBS location tags, and APP installation tags.

In addition, AutoNavi Map's unique data relationship can accurately locate the target population with demographic information and geographic coordinates. Its information includes location information, basic information, car information; geographic coordinates-brand store coordinates, business type coordinates, geofence.

Advertising Products

The marketing resources of AutoNavi Maps include advertising forms such as the screen opening before travelling and the banner map:

  • Open screen: open the AutoNavi app for the first time exposure, display pictures or videos in full screen (no sound); full screen can be clicked and linked

  • Navigation end page: exposed at the end of the navigation, closely connected with destination consumer behaviour, can distinguish different scenes of driving/public transportation/cycling/walking; displayed as banner, clickable to jump and external link

  • Small blue bar/message box: displayed on the map or on the message centre page; you can click to jump, and you can link to it

  • Voice package/voice broadcast: broadcast by voice at the beginning of the navigation, during navigation, and at the end of the navigation; can display audio and video effects, oral broadcast of the brand slogan.

If you want to know more about AutoNavi Map's products and marketing cooperation, please contact us!

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