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App of the month - Bilibili

Bilibili ( nicknamed “B site”, started out in 2009 as a website specialising in sharing anime’s, pictures and videos. It is also one of the leading online entertainment platform, which attracts Generation Z who are becoming the main force of recreation and culture consumption. Bilibili has a unique content positioning focusing on ACG (anime, comic, and games). In particular Japanese anime, manga and video games. In Chinese, this type of content is referred to as 2nd-dimensional space (二次元). It’s one of the reasons, younger users are attracted to it.

Over the course of 10 years, the company expanded into a lot of new categories including advertising, mobile gaming, and e-commerce. Since its IPO in 2018, it has shifted its positioning to target a wider audience by including more popular TV shows.

Bilibili users:

Bilibili users are mainly young, accounting for 78% of users between 18 and 35 years old, and the proportion of male and female is 57:43. MAU have reached 172 million and DAU increased by 69% to 51 million.

Bilibili Content:

PGC (Professionally-generated Content), UGC(User-generated Content), AMV(Anime MV) and Gaming videos, etc.

Bilibili Platform value:

The platform has high retention rate of users, with an average daily video playback of 730 million, an average monthly user interaction of 2.5 billion, and an average daily usage time of 87 minutes.

Bilibili Ad type:

Bilibili currently has 2 ad types available for advertising, native ads & splash screen ads.

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