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App of the month - KEEP

Keep is a mobile fitness app launched in February 2015. Keep provides fitness teaching, running, cycling, dating and fitness diet guidance, equipment purchases, and more, providing one-stop exercise solutions.

Key statistics:

  1. Women make up 58% of users, and women prefer to lose weight, while men are keen to gain muscle

  2. 76% of users under 30 years of age

  3. First- and second-tier city users accounted for up to 60%

  4. User training time:30 minutes/day

  5. Frequency of training per person per week:4.64 times

  6. Community Premium KOL:1,500 people

Common forms of advertising

Other Marketing partnerships

Moment of sound (voice product)

Embed brand content within the fitness training scene for mass workouts. This helps to focus the brand information & deepen brand memory.

Event Marketing

Through Keep's hot events and exclusive IP content, users are engaged to maximize the focus on the brand marketing activities of high exposure and depth of integration of brand products, concepts, value.

Celebrity Marketing

Use the star effect to maximize brand value, build and deepen the brand spokesman's sportspeople, according to the star's sports ability and sports preferences, tailor-made professional sports training courses or lecture content, brand information multi-dimensional implant exposure, to ensure the transformation of high-value fan resources.

Marketing via Training Course

According to the brand needs and product characteristics, tailor-made private courses, the concept of brand sports health, deepen product memory。

Social Content Marketing

Connect brands and users through topic interactions, deliver product ideas, encourage user engagement, and accumulate premium UGC content.

Contact Us to discuss the entire spectrum of potential partnership opportunities with KEEP!

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