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The Rise of the “Her” Economy: Empowering Female Active Users Online

As of January 2023, the number of active female mobile internet users has soared to nearly 600 million, showcasing their impressive consumption power and demand. These users span across various age groups, with 24.1% under 24 years old and 31.1% over 51 years old. When it comes to high-priced products (more than 2,000 RMB), female users display a higher consumption orientation and spending power compared to their male counterparts.

With an average monthly browsing time of 163.6 hours in January 2023, female users show a year-on-year increase of 2.0%. This growth is particularly remarkable given the slow expansion of the overall market. Female users exhibit high engagement with short videos, social networking, and e-commerce shopping platforms, contributing to a year-on-year increase of over 50 million users in comprehensive e-commerce apps.

Three main trends highlight the quantitative changes in value for female users:

1. Expanding consumption boundaries: Traditionally, certain industries have been predominantly male-dominated, such as automobiles, alcohol, sports, and e-sports. However, female users gradually break these barriers and become increasingly active in these sectors. This change signifies a shift in female consumption patterns and interests, ultimately leading to a more diverse and inclusive online economy. Women are active in the "appearance economy” and extend their presence to other areas, such as maternal and child products, household products, and more. This expansion of consumption boundaries allows businesses to tap into new markets and cater to a broader audience, fostering growth and innovation across various industries.

2. The rise of female content creators: Content platforms have evolved to become a place for content consumption and content production. With the growing number of high-quality female content creators, these platforms are witnessing a surge in female-centric content, such as "Her" themed movies, TV series, and variety shows. These content pieces highlight the value and strength of women, attracting more female users and increasing their engagement on content platforms. As female users continue to engage with and produce high-quality content, this trend is expected to further unleash their potential and amplify their voices in the digital space.

3. Balanced development of female users' lifestyle consumption: Women's active participation in work and entertainment has led to a vital force for the recovery and growth of the tourism and pet market. As female users seek a balance between their professional and personal lives, they are becoming key drivers in the resurgence of the travel and tourism industry. Their pursuit of better experiences and willingness to spend on leisure activities has contributed to the rapid development of these markets. Additionally, the rise of female pet owners has spurred the growth of the pet economy, with brands leveraging cute pet elements to attract users and encourage purchases through limited co-branded products.

The growing presence and influence of female users online indicate a strong "Her" economy with high-value potential. Female users are the backbone of consumption upgrades, with many brands focusing on "Her" marketing. As women continue to play an active role in various fields such as shopping, work, and entertainment, the "Her" economy will undoubtedly release more value in the future, shaping the online landscape for years to come.

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