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Unlock the Secrets of China’s Thriving Social Dating Industry

Social apps have become the ultimate solution for young singles looking to connect with like-minded individuals and find emotional relief. With the increasing demand for social dating, China’s social dating industry is flourishing like never before!

According to AppGrowing’s Social App Launch Insight Report, we have identified the latest industry insights, social rankings, and creative reviews to give you a sneak peek into the hottest trends in social dating.

What's the latest buzz in China’s social dating industry? AppGrowing’s data monitoring reveals that the social dating industry had over 720 social apps running ads in January and February 2023, making it one of the most popular industries. And while veterans like Momo are reducing their ad purchases once they have established a large user base, there’s still plenty of room for new apps to make their mark, indicating that the industry is becoming increasingly competitive.

Industry insights show that social and marriage accounted for 12.4% of the hot ad investment industry ranking from January to February 2023. This is an increase of 5.71% compared to the first half of 2022, ranking it among the top three industries. Compared to the reading, tools, online earning, finance, medical, and health industries, social and marriage apps are the main drivers of ad investment, and we can see why!

While the creative life cycle for social apps is short, nearly 80% of creatives have a delivery cycle of 1-3 days, and social and marriage apps require high-quality creative. Tencent Advertising, Ocean Engine, and Baidu Marketing are the top three ad investment platforms for social and marriage apps. Social and marriage ads account for 16.05% of Tencent’s advertising platform traffic.

AppGrowing’s social rank list reveals that AiQing app has impressive volumes of ad investment, leading the social buying list with a YoY increase of 250%+ during January 2023. And it’s not just AiQing app, apps like Soul, MianMian, MoSheng, TongCheng MoYue, and others have continuously ranked among the TOP10 social app ad investment list. By analyzing the ad investment of popular apps like FuJing XunAi, MoSheng, and TaQu over the past 7 months, a general upward investment trend was observed. However, there was a slight dip in early 2023, which need to take note of.

When it comes to ad delivery, the CSJ media platform was the clear winner during the period from January to February 2023, serving as the main channel for FuJing XunAi, MoSheng, and TaQu. In fact, a staggering 96.64% of FuJing XunAi’s ads were found on the CSJ media platform.

As social networking continues to gain popularity in China, regulatory authorities have raised the bar on creative standards for social apps. Crafting captivating and effective creatives that cater to user pain points and provide product benefits is essential. The key is to leverage benefits that address users’ specific issues. For instance, concerns about fake information can be addressed with real-name authentication and authenticity, or concerns about transparency can be addressed with “no charge, just add friends directly”.

By utilizing high-frequency words such as local area, get to know each other, soul, friends, home-cooked food, video, chat, good looking, etc., social app ad copywriting can engage users on a more personal level. Whether it’s “near you” or “meet offline”, creative should strive to alleviate users’ pain points and make their social networking experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

To keep up with the demands of Gen Z users, social app advertisers are getting more creative with their content, using emotional short films and affectionate BGMs to create an “atmosphere” that directly hits the hearts of lonely young people. The advertising strategy and creative tricks of the social marriage industry are constantly evolving!

The world of social apps is evolving rapidly, and app developers are constantly seeking new ways to entice young users. From “social + voice” to “social + live broadcast” to “social + game”, there are countless possibilities to explore. By understanding users’ needs, social app developers can create engaging game content and build strong, lasting connections with their audiences.

To address common pain points among social app users, such as chat restrictions or reload requirements, advertisers are using creative video campaigns to reassure and inspire users to download their apps.

As advertising strategies continue to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is important. The social dating industry is no exception to these changes. To learn more about the latest trends in social app advertising, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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