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2022 China's Trendy Sports Consumption Development Insight And Analysis

In recent years, trend sports have gradually emerged in China, including cycling, surfing, rock climbing, frisbee, e-sports, etc. Among these various niche sports, hip-hop, skateboarding and skiing are the most developed. Trend sports are more fun and sociable, diverse, easier to learn, more casual and flexible, so many enthusiasts are willing to try them. In the “2022 China Trendy Sports Consumption Development White Paper” published by Analysys and Migu Data Research Institute, we summarized the development status, consumer insights and trend prospects of trendy sports.

Development status

Key driving factors for the continued development of the trend movement and steady expansion of audience reach include:

  • The guidance and support from national policies have created a good environment for the development of trend sports, such as strengthening the construction of sports facilities, increasing people’s willingness to participate, and promoting professional talents.

  • Residents’ awareness and participation in sports have increased and they are willing to try more different sports, and actively explore interesting or novel projects. The TOP 5 trend sports are hiking, cycling, e-sports, frisbee and hip-hop.

  • Trend sports can express the personality and independence of young people, and the expansion of internet communication channels will promote the spread of trend sports. Douyin, Migu Video and Weibo are the communication channels of TOP3 content platforms, and cross-sector cooperation has accelerated the popularization of trend sports.

With the increasing attention and participation in trend sports, advertising, marketing, education and training, sports events and sporting goods are currently the main business models. For example, title sponsorship in advertising and marketing, event suppliers, and derived industries such as ice and snow tourism, blind box peripherals, etc.

Consumer insights

The survey shows that there are more followers than participants in trending sports, but in the 18-24 age group, participants outnumber followers, and the audience prefers cool tricks and content from sports stars, pays more attention to the content and watches more often. They also pay more attention to sports and social networks and like to invite friends to participate, with men accounting for about 55%. A high percentage of users (88.4%) have already bought trendy sports products, while 46.6% focused on brand values and young trends when buying.

  • 37.9% of Migu video users follow at least 1-2 times a week, and 19.9% follow almost every day

  • TOP 5 content attention types: live broadcasts, on-demand or highlights, information related to sports stars, trending sports variety shows, sports lessons/follow-up courses, character interviews

  • TOP5 reasons for following trend sports: love trending sports, influenced by online communication activities, following a player, following a club/team, and following local events

  • The TOP 3 ways to watch content are mobile phone (74.8%), desktop (37.8%), and tablet (28.7%)

  • Most used platforms: Douyin (36.5%), Migu Video (25.1%), Huya Live (21.1%)

With the increasing standardization and acceptance of trend sports among the general population, many young parents are more willing to support their children in participating in trend sports. In addition, consumers of trend sports are generally willing to pay for their hobby and annual consumption is concentrated at 1,000 to 5,000 yuan, while the type of goods purchased is focused on sportswear and sports equipment. The most important criterion for consumers to buy related products is the quality of the product, followed by the youth trend value of the brand.

Overall, Migu Video users are paying more attention to sponsored brands and the acceptable advertising formats are also diverse, including APP open screen ads, studio titles/plugins, video pre-roll ads, short videos, interactive ads and more. Clothing and accessories are the main types of daily consumption, while 3C digital and automobiles can get better marketing effects when watching trendy sports content.

Trend outlook

  • Sports direction: Accelerate standardized layout, set standards for the conduct of sports events, competition rules, referees and athletes related to trend sports, and build a professional development system.

  • Trend direction: Trend sports have become an expression of trendy lifestyle, which can promote the interaction and prosperity of trend sports and cultural formats through diversified lifestyles, such as trend sports + content, trend sports + tourism, trend sports + new technologies or trend sports + community activities.

  • Industry direction: The existing business model will gradually evolve and improve, and industry innovation will generate more new models, such as digital collections, trend sports-themed experience spaces, and the overlay of multiple models, etc. so that this industry has greater development potential.

The above is an excerpt of the content from the data report. If you are interested in advertising marketing or content operation, please contact us for more information.


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