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Report - Growing your audience in a crisis

Recently, Jing Travel released a special report ”Growing your Audience in a Crisis: Lessons from Chinese Cultural Institutions”, with lot of insights and examples from various Chinese cultural sphere, There It through presenting key data points, notable case studies from Chinese cultural institution, and hope to offer four key takeaways for cultural institution in a crisis.

You can download the complete report here.


Engage your audience through online exhibitions, virtual reality, and gamification.

Many Chinese Museums launched online exhibition to create virtual reality and attract online visitors. “The Panoramic Place Museum” Program, accessible through WeChat, it exemplifies a broader push by Chinese cultural institutions to digitise their collections and reach tech-savvy Chinese audiences. Suzhou Museum is promoting online games including “DIY Landscape Painting”, which allows user to create classical paintings digitally.


Build cross-industry partnerships to expand reach and deepen impact.

Shanghai’s HOW Art Museum led a campaign with 80+ art institutions and 100+ artists to raise funds for school children and women: a group that makes up to the majority of nurses and volunteers battling coronavirus. The campaign spread among art-related WeChat groups and WeChat public accounts, it exemplified cross-industry collaboration between museum, media organisation, cultural institutions, and online platforms.


Express brand personality to attract your future audience through live-streaming.

Chinese museums have been harnessing the power of Douyin for several years, they launched live-streaming of "cloud travel" to meet public demand, relieves pressure, and warms up the recovery of the tourism industry. In addition, Douyin also aimed the live-streaming lens from outer space to the earth, so that everyone watching the live-streaming can feel the charm of the universe planet. There is also has the live-streaming for African Animal World, users can see a real animal and "contact" lions and other African wild animals with zero distance. Users also realise the importance of wildlife protection.


Consider expert advice from museums, DMOs, and China-focused consultancies on how to navigate the coronavirus.

Learn from the innovation actions in the Chinese cultural field, and actively and effectively enhance the brand influence through collaboration, innovation and determination.

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