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New Baidu regulations

Baidu recently released the latest policy notice, starting April 12, 2021, users who sign up for a Baidu advertising account can only advertise their business on the Baidu search engine via a Baidu-hosted landing page, which means Baidu ads will no longer link to external websites.

This new policy is based on the Chinese government’s commercial risk control policy but also due to offer more device scalability with their landing page engine “Jimuyu''(基木鱼) while also preventing businesses from using redirects on website URLs once the website has been approved for an ICP license and by Baidu. To comprehensively increase the management of content security, the rectification is expected to be completed on September 30. For the specific industries affected, please refer to the following information:

  • April 30: Plastic Surgery, Medical Services, Health Products/Medicines, Medical Devices, Logistics, Sports and Sports Equipment, Maternal and Child Products, Consumer Goods, IT/ Consumer Electronics

  • May 27: Electronic, Real estate, Food and beverage, Entertainment media, Bags and clothing, Business services

  • June 29: Agriculture, Forestry, Chemical and energy, Machinery and equipment, Education and training, Life services, Games, Tourism services

  • July 29: Transportation, Public transportation, Others

  • August 31: Communications, Software

  • September 30: Commodity trading, Online services, Investment, and franchise, Financial services

About Baidu Jimuyu

Jimuyu (基木鱼) is a website builder within the Baidu PPC Account. B2B and B2C businesses can easily create fast-loading mini websites/landing pages, HTML5 sites, and mini-apps for their products and services.

Choose from more than 1,000 themes from various industries, blog sites, stores, app downloads, video streaming, and more. Easily run marketing tactics like PPC ads, track conversions, and analyze the results.

Baidu Jimuyu (基木鱼) was initially launched as a tool to help customers who don't have a website and don't operate it. It provided a lot of convenience for customers, and Baidu indicated that more powerful upgrades were coming. With the continuous development of the Jimuyu hosting page and the comprehensive tracking of the transformation link, it is of great reference value and direction to use the transformation data of Jimuyu as reference and analysis for the account with unstable effect. The transformation data and optimization ideas have great reference value. After continuous update and optimization, now the Jimuyu data has been able to present close to the self-built website, but also continue to enrich and increase the design of the page template so that the page optimization has a greater space.

Exception: Whitelisted Companies

Companies that meet one of the following criteria can still advertise on Baidu with their website after April 12, 2021:

Fortune Global 500 companies

Government Organizations

Brands need to provide compelling proof and documentation if apply for whitelisting.

What does the new policy mean for the marketing industry?

In addition to the traditional form of strategy and marketing will be affected, is a new challenge for the optimizer, some functions may be a failure in marketing, landing pages are now more inclined to how to design a landing page with a high conversion rate, such as according to the different needs of the business design different landing page, according to the different product design guidance document, etc.

But the implementation of the new policy also means that all advertisers are on the same starting line. It is the top priority to thoroughly study the functions of Baidu Jimuyu (基木鱼) and serve the client more comprehensively.

Contact us for more details on Baidu's new policy and solutions.

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