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Search Engines Analysis

In today's digital era of mobile, tremendous changes have taken place in terms of content from production method to the transmission path. At the same time, with the development of the mobile internet, there are some new changes in the information environment and users' search needs, but the essence of search is still the acquisition of content. Aurora Mobile recently released a research report on content search trends. Here are some key insights:

1. Users not only search on a platform but choose the platform according to their content needs

Nearly 70% of users use more than three platforms to search information on average each day, and they will choose the appropriate search platform according to different search and content needs. Taking short video as an example, users use short video platforms most frequently when searching for daily life questions, entertainment-related information, and new product information. On the contrary, the usage of social platforms is the most prominent in search of knowledge learning.

2. In the context of the content, users have a strong search demand

Independent search platforms still have the advantage, topping the list with 71.5% usage. Short video platform is the 2nd most used search platform while social platforms is ranked 3rd. The utilization rate of e-commerce, news and information, and long video platforms ranked 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively.

3. Searching at all times has become the norm

77.4% of all searches are on content platforms; 90.5% of users have the experience of searching on social media, short video, long video, e-commerce shopping, news and information platforms

4. Characteristics of users on each platform

• Search users on short video platforms are highly receptive to information, and search is driven by the mentality of liking new things. In addition to entertainment information, users will search for content such as daily life issues and child education on the short video platform

• Search users on social platforms are more sensible and easy to satisfy, and have enough trust in the platform. Life, education and entertainment searches are more common.

• Search users on e-commerce platforms have a high tolerance for content and are willing to obtain life and learning-related content through such platforms.

• Search users of news and information platforms are more rational and purposeful, and they have enough trust in the platform's grasp of the content.

• Search users on long video platforms have clear goals and are not easily influenced by others. Content is the most authentic restoration of users' personal preferences.

5. Independent search platforms have limitations

There are however, limitations to independent search platforms, including the need for users to supplement their search and spending time filtering because of the high repetition of information; or too many ads that affect user experience. On the contrary, the content ecological search can better meet users' needs, such as convenience and quick search, short time consuming, more accurate search results, strong relevance and high matching degree with keywords, and search results can exceed users' expectations and improve user experience.

Forecast for mobile advertising industry

Thus, with the change of users' search behavior, the traditional independent search engine can no longer meet all the needs of users. In the past few years, short videos have gradually become an emerging content carrier, with an annual growth rate of more than 60%. With the popularization of the era of mobile internet, content becomes more abundant. A large number of platforms and APPs have emerged, and users have begun to shift to content platforms. Some use WeChat to search for official account content, some use Zhihu to search for answers to questions, while others use Toutiao to search for news. During the Spring Festival in 2020, the primary source of middle-aged and elderly users on the pandemic was from Douyin.

Download complete report (in Chinese)

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