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WeChat New Feature - "Fingertip Search"

Recently, WeChat team officially launched a new search function called "fingertip search", which allow users to press text, and search directly without leaving the WeChat interface.

With this function, users can search the content they want in the dialogue box more directly, quickly and conveniently. The search results not only integrate the exclusive content of WeChat official account, WeChat video account, WeChat moments and WeChat mini-programs but also include other external content, such as Zhihu, Sogou search and other relevant platform content.

In China, the internet is very fragmented between different tech giants. Baidu does not show up any WeChat or Douyin videos, articles or links. WeChat does not show Taobao goods. This has forced each of the giants to rapidly innovate and keep the eyeballs within the app ecosystem for as long as possible. Search has become the new frontier to ensure the user stays on longer and finds all required information with the app.

What does this mean for Marketeers?

Marketeers need to ensure that their product and promotions gain more visibility with the WeChat search ecosystem. One of the key strategies we have been promoting is CSEO or Content SEO. We promote KOLs & KOCs to write promotional articles for the brand and ensure through our optimisation techniques to ensure these articles are at the top of search result organically.

You can read more about our success for a real estate company in Hong Kong.

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