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Marketing Ideas - Shenzhen Metro DOOH

The Shenzhen Metro currently has 10 operating lines with a total length of 380 kilometres and 260 stations. As of March 2021, the average daily passenger flow was 5.6737 million.

The Electronic Media System

The Shenzhen Metro electronic media system uses the video playback function of the subway passenger consultation system to display information to passengers at a designated time through the control centre, stations and train-related equipment, realizing online live video of the entire route. This information has both audiovisual effects and uses comprehensive means such as language, sound, text, image, action, and performance to spread the information.

Key Features:

  • The subway line covers all areas of Shenzhen without leaving blind spots

  • The location is superior, covering most of Shenzhen's core business districts

  • Link the major core residential areas of the city to form a closed loop of passenger flow

  • Shenzhen Metro accounts for more than 50% of public transportation trips

  • The passenger flow of Shenzhen Metro ranks fourth in the country, and the flow intensity ranks second in the country. The average daily passenger flow exceeds 5.34 million (as of March 2021)

  • Advantages in passenger flow: passengers take a long time and many times, and the publicity effect is good

  • High-quality viewers: mainstream urban population, younger, office workers, high-income and high-educated

Key Locations:

  • Business Centers: High-tech Park, Chegong Temple, Convention and Exhibition Center, Grand Theater, Shenzhen University, Gangxia, Keyuan, Gaoxin South.

  • Entertainment Centers: Grand Theater, Shopping Park, Window of the World, Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen Bay Park.

  • Residential Centers: Shangmeilin, Tai'an, Pingzhou, Huangbeiling, Longcheng Plaza, Longhua.

  • Transportation hub: Luohu, Futian, Huangmugang, Buji, Shenzhen North Railway Station.

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