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Marketing Ideas - CSEO for Tmall/Taobao


Content Search Engine Optimization or CSEO is a marketing solution whereby articles about a product or service is promoted via search optimising on major search engines.

Instead of direct advertising promotion, content on Taobao series is positioned as "consumer media" and "consumer community." The content depends more on high-quality channels, such as good products, short videos, must-buy lists, Taobao headlines, Weitao, etc. Product promotion content is created and released in accordance with the grasp of quality channels by various quality experts.

The phased brand building is to export the topic content through Taonei's core resource channels (Taobao headlines, good products, wow videos) to increase the brand's exposure on the site.

The phased construction of the product is based on the content to drive readers' awareness of the product. Under the long-term planting of Taobao’s various channels (Taobao headlines, good products, must-buy lists, crowd cards, etc.), the content is gradually introduced to create positive awareness of the product.

Internal Channel Resources:

1. Taobao Toutiao - provides an information platform that leads the trend of life consumption. It is China's largest online consumer media platform. Every month, more than 80 million consumers obtain the latest and highest quality consumer information content through Taobao Toutiao. Taobao headlines are divided into the most headlines, wearables, digital control, and foodies. Below each section, different categories of content information are provided, mainly for brand, store and product exposure. After the copy is put into use, the exposure of a single article can gain over 2.5 Million views.

2. Goods - new gameplay of content marketing. There are several columns such as selection, encyclopedia, seeding, and overseas shopping. The precise display of thousands of people and thousands of faces on the entire network in the form of single products can help the store to obtain accurate fans. The exposure of a single article in the seed section can be 676,000, and the number of interactions is more than 8,000.

3. Must buy list - new gameplay of content marketing, a professional list, to help users do purchase analysis, detailed descriptions of products and in-depth sorting. There are several columns such as dressing, playing handsome, make-up, and buying a home. The precise display of thousands of people and thousands of faces in the form of single products or lists can help the store to obtain accurate fans. After placing it under the home column of the must-buy list, the cumulative exposure can reach 220,000.

4. Wow video, evaluation - show the selling point of the product in the form of video. Videos tend to focus on the buyer’s point of view, introducing the selling points of the purchased product. Use real evaluation experience to introduce products to users so as to achieve planting and conversion.

5. Weitao - based on the product, the content and interaction surrounding the product and purchase is what users expect to see and participate in on Weitao. Therefore, content that can solve consumer shopping pain points or stimulate new consumer demand, and at the same time contains related product shopping guide links, is the high-quality content that meets the micro-shopping environment! Typically articles can have 53,000+ impressions, and the number of interactions has reached 12,000+.

6. Buy all over the world - Buy all over the world is a shopping guide for a vertical segmentation field! Mainly for the promotion of overseas products such as Tmall International and Global Purchase. The columns inside include daily selection, brand dynamics, overseas buyer sites, and overseas shopping notes to promote high-quality overseas products. A single article can have 210,000+ impressions and 70,000+ interactions.


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