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Louis Vuitton held its first livestream on Xiaohongshu

As the global epidemic gradually deteriorated, the luxury goods industry, which focuses on offline sales, was hit hard, and many brands chose to temporarily close their stores. Innovation in post-coronavirus China, Louis Vuitton is the first luxury brand to create original interactive content using livestreaming. It received over 15k viewers in just 1 hour and 10 minutes. The entire livestreaming continued to remain in the top 3 of the livestreaming hour list, and occupied the first place many times. The popularity of the livestreaming exceeded 6 million, the interaction rate reached 33%. It attracted more than 20k fans for official enterprise account. However, the livestreaming also got some bad reviews from netizens. The results were unsatisfactory, and many elements such as lighting, background, and anchor wear did not match the brand image.

But there is no doubt that LV has made a breakthrough by taking advantage of livestreaming and selling online on Chinese social media platforms in the way that young people like best. Recent popular livestreaming also include: Celebrity shopping anchor Weiya sold rockets worth 40 million RMB on Taobao live streaming platform, it was sold out within a second; CCTV host "Witty Talker" Zhu Guangquan and " Celebrity shopping brother " Li Jiaqi are connected across the livestreaming, they help Hubei with goods worth 40.14 million yuan; On second-hand platform Xianyu, an anchor named TangXiao sold a planes worth 400M RMB on Xianyu livestreaming. It shows that the livestreaming has penetrated all walks of life, it is changing the future of social content,

At the same time, LV is also the first Luxury brand to launch the WeChat Video Account. There is no problem for LV to choose livestreaming to sell the goods, the problem is not the livestreaming, but the quality, planning and environment of livestreaming. It needs to give users a professional feeling and choose the right anchors and excellent environment for luxury brand if you want to achieve good result.

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