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How brands can increase sales through products longing in China

In China, it is very common for brands to adopt product-craving strategies on social media to attract more consumers and increase sales. Content such as recommendations for good items and sharing experiences are common ways of product craving. They target users' desire for consumption through content product longing, although they can often take advantage of users’ browsing habits in the modern age, they often gradually fail due to the “rush to achieve”.

On China’s well-known social media, the young users of platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, etc, have gradually become more rational about product longing content, and they have begun to question the native content related to some brands, products or bloggers. Thus brands have been characterized by excessive marketing and publicity, which even destroyed the “trust” that brands had built up for a long time.

A new way of playing on product longing for brands

The current popular product longing in China is another kind of content marketing, that targets users’ consumption desires, but users have begun to have higher expectations for the quality of content.

  • Content drives product sales

For a long time, content marketing has been the interaction between brands and users, and the brand relies on a certain selling point of the product, carried by the more common scenes in life, to establish the association between the selling point and the brand itself. In this way, consumers can remember the brand and drive more traffic to the content, which is a common form of content-driven traffic.

Today, the desire for the brand has changed the content, from interaction with the content to sales-driven content. For example, in an e-commerce live broadcast, the host promotes the products by explaining or using them; KOL highlights the selling point of the product through knowledge, jokes, etc., and uses the scene to entice customers, fulfil the purpose of sales, and achieve the unity of product integration.

  • Content creates brand recognition

In addition to driving sales, content also to some extent promote users’ perception of a brand. Many internet celebrity brands can quickly become well-known because the content builds the brand’s cognition, and integrates the brand’s tonality, temperament, and personality into marketing, giving users a more intuitive and profound experience.

For example, Hey Tea, a well-known tea chain in China, that has grown up in the era of new consumption, is quickly recognized by young people because the brand understands how to build a brand in all aspects of packaging design, product taste, cultural attributes, and cross-border co-branding game, etc., to increase the output from product output to experience and culture output, strengthen the concept of new tea brands, and deeply root HEYTEA culture among the people.

  • A new frontier of content creation

Social media such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo and Kuaishou have social functions and gradually become a channel through which consumers can obtain product information, have product experiences and even decide to consume and purchase.

With the development of network technology, the forms of product longing have diversified, and forms such as graphics, live broadcasts, and short videos have been gradually accepted by users. Consumers have a dual identity of consumption and dissemination, which also make the marketing scenario of “product longing” more diverse. At the same time, the brand has also built new consumption links such as social networking, content, and e-commerce, for example, e-commerce live broadcast is a new shelf after the construction of brand content marketing.

How brands grow “product longing” through social media in China

Brands should choose the right social media platform based on the attributes of the product and users, and increase “product longing” by selecting the native content generated by high-quality and appropriate bloggers. Many brands are accustomed to quantifying content marketing to attract users but often overlook the content optimization steps. Brands should cultivate these users more effectively through their usage scenarios and habits, to stimulate purchase desire.

To achieve the effect of product longing beyond the ordinary, the CSEO services we offer can help brands improve brand reputation and sales across multiple communication channels. We can help brands raise awareness of their corporate brands and products through reviews, Q&As, product cravings, etc., optimize brand content through CSEO, achieve the effect of the hegemonic screen and promote products, and comprehensively enhance users’ awareness of brands and their discussion during the search. Recommendations from the perspective of third parties/consumers are more convincing, which can greatly increase the positive trust in the brand and further increase the conversion and influence of the brand.

  • High-quality content and publishing

We have professional content creators and editors who publish jointly through the company-owned and cooperative amateur accounts and the KOL accounts to achieve the most authentic evaluation effect and increase brand trust.

  • Optimize promotions

We maintain sensitivity to product search rules at all times by constantly researching the latest search engine technology. We improve the ranking of brand content according to the platform’s search rules and populate the latest search engine results so that the brand can be displayed everywhere, to ensure that customers receive satisfactory results.

Case Study

  • Xiaohongshu CSEO Product Longing Case Sharing: Onitsuka Tiger

  • WeChat CSEO Product Longing Case Sharing: Sino Group

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