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Insights Report - OTT trends and media value

According to the report on the commercialization of OTT released by Miaozhen, the number of people covered in the OTT market has increased steadily. Compared with 225 million in 2019, the number of OTT (Internet Television) in 2020 has reached 266 million units, an increase of 18.2%

In 2022, the OTT market is estimated to reach 349 million units, and the household penetration rate will also reach 80%; by 2023, OTT is expected to cover 1 billion people. Based on the report, each large screen reaches an average of about 2.6 people. More than 50% of the family watch together, and more than 90% watch with others. Family scenes make large-screen marketing content innately shared and discussed, thus strongly affecting consumers' purchasing decisions.

Content is always an important starting point to drive family marketing, in order to cultivate user habits, enrich the business model of value-added services, between advertisers and resource parties, there will be "agents" this professional service party role, providing professional operations, integration of resources, marketing planning and other services. Under the commercialization trend of "integration + extension + service", advertisers' investment intentions in OTT have been continuously improved. The share of OTT investment in the digital advertising traffic pattern has increased from 11% in 2018 to 20% in2021. Advertisers generally recognize the value of the family scene, reach scale and reach mechanism of the new family screen. Compared with mobile terminals, Internet TELEVISION (OTT) has a more reach advantage in high-frequency arrival.

Miaozhen System provides an in-depth look at media users' attitudes towards OTT advertising/marketing messaging touchpoints, as well as consumer performance in different industries. Represented by Youku users, the smart big screen (smart TV) is the most important advertising/new brand contact channel for Youku OTT users; OTT marketing can be used as a key touchpoint to seize users' minds. Smart TV ads perform well in terms of user attitude indicators such as creativity, credibility and attractiveness, ranking first in smart TV ads, mobile phone/pad screen ads, fixed ads/pop-up ads (including APP open screen ads), live TV ads, long and short video ads and social media ads.

The new family screen is a high-quality traffic opportunity, with the improvement of OTT reach, the evolution of content power, the enhancement of touch power, its perfect commercialization model, considerable data performance, and irreplaceable family scenes, has become an important traffic growth point of brand marketing.

Get in touch if you would like to have the full report or are in need of OTT advertising.

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