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Miaozhen OOH Monitor 2.0

Miaozhen Systems, a leading Chinese third-party advertising technology company, announced that the company has officially launched a new measurement solution named OOH-Monitor 2.0 to further the digitization and transparency of the outdoor advertising industry.

The key components of OOH-Monitor 2.0 include systematic self-monitoring, device-level log-level full monitoring, and minute-level real-time monitoring. With this outdoor media value is presented more truly and accurately even while protecting the rights and interests of brand release.

At present, OOH-Monitor can cover nearly 10 million screens in 100+ cities from tier 1 city to tier 5 city, including smart screens, LED screens, LCD screens, car screens, etc. Covering buildings, MRT, airport, outdoor screen, hotel, cinema and other major work and life scenes. Based on different monitoring requirements, OOH Monitor can use SDK, API, customization and other measurement technologies to realize monitoring, and at the same time provide offline audience measurement services based on OTC (advertising visibility measurement) technology.

We use Mioazhen tracking as a default in all our campaigns unless the client requests otherwise. To learn more about how you can use Miaozhen in your campaigns contact us

Or subscribe to Miaozhen WeChat by scanning below code.

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