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Insights Report - Miaozhen Invalid Traffic Report

Miaozhen Systems has recently released a new report - "China Digital Advertising Invalid Traffic Report in 2019" - to examine the invalid traffic in China. Data was collected from 65,000 campaigns by 2,000 brands across 1,200 platforms and included ads on PC, Mobile, TV, offline, OOH, KOL marketing.

Invalid traffic costs China advertising an estimated 4 Billion USD, Miaozhen system has helped its clients save over 600 Million USD via its advanced filtration products.

Key Findings:

  • Invalid traffic (IVT) made up 31.9% of all digital advertising traffic in China, up 1.7% from 2018

  • 39.9% of vertical media traffic was invalid; IT verticals had the highest IVT rate at 49%, up 14% from 2018

  • Across industries, internet and communications saw the greatest IVT increase (up 6.3% from 2018) and suffered the highest IVT rate

  • 10% of NEW TV ad traffic was invalid; agencies contributed the most invalid exposure

  • 26% of all online consumer sales leads were invalid, with major implications for auto and other industries that rely on online lead collection

  • 4.2% of outdoor advertising was invalid or not displayed

  • 48% of social media advertising traffic was invalid. On average, 57.5% of KOL fans were invalid, with baby & mom KOLs having the highest rate of invalid fans (65.1%)

How are all this invalid traffic captured? Miaozhen has various tools to help -

SmartVerify - China’s most mature and advanced IVT measurement and filtration solution. It uses AI and machine learning to process multiple data sources, helping clients identify, analyze, and filter out invalid ad behavior. SNAP - captures screenshots of online ads and uses image recognition to verify that the ad was correctly displayed. SNAP complements analytics code by modelling user behavior and filling a gap in the current approach to ad verification. Other solutions include, BrandSafety; Viewablity; Leads Verify; SocialMaster.

We use Mioazhen tracking as a default in all our campaigns unless the client requests otherwise. To learn more about how you can use Miaozhen in you campaigns contact us

Or subscribe to Miaozhen wechat by scanning below code.

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