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China Media Update – New WeChat Video In-Feed Ads

WeChat video account native advertising was officially launched on July 18, opening a whole new advertising scene for WeChat in-feed media.

Earlier, WeChat video accounts gradually launched online live broadcasts, rewards, shopping carts, and other features. This time, the access to in-feed advertisements and the launch of the video accounts will greatly speed up the commercialization of video accounts.

Currently, BMW, Giorgio Armani, and SATINE have launched an in-feed WeChat video ad, and they have become the pioneers of WeChat video account in-feed advertisement, enjoying the platform’s initial stage’s traffic bonus.

WeChat video account advertising scene

After clicking the advertising component cards of the three advertisers respectively:

  1. BMW shows a popup page to guide users to “book a test drive” and users will need to fill in the name, address, and authorized mobile phone number

  2. Giorgio Armani redirects users to JD Mall but also supports users to complete the entire purchase process within the video account

  3. SATINE connects users to links within the WeChat domain such as mini-programs and WeChat Enterprise

Three main benefits of in-feed video ad

1. Expand brands’ outreach

The native advertisement of the video account will appear in the lower-left corner of the video. Users will be able to forward the video to the Moments, WeChat conversations, or tap the love button to recommend it, after that, users will also be able to see the recommendation when they scroll through the friend's column.

2. Watching and shopping in tandem

Seamless connection of various functional components within the WeChat ecosystem: when the brand advertisement catches users' attention, users can click on the video advertisement content and be directed to the brand mini-program store. The video playback will not be interrupted during the process, users will also be able to make purchases, register, etc. This will help brands achieve better sales goals.

3. Multi-ecological touchpoints

Within the in-feed ad, video can help promote brands’ WeChat Enterprise accounts, when users come across a short video of the brand that they are interested in, the lower left corner of the video will guide users to add the brand’s WeChat Enterprise account. This will help brands to better manage their private domain traffic, and promote conversion.

WeChat video account offers significant commercialization opportunities

  • Multiplied traffic and accelerated commercialization. WeChat video account has more than 1.2 billion MAU, thus having an innate traffic advantage.

  • In December 2021, the number of WeChat video accounts has reached 500 million DAU, a YoY increase of 78%, and its user volume is already in between Douyin and Kuaishou, which means there is still a lot of potential for video accounts, same goes with its commercial value.

  • Among all commercialization attempts, it is believed that in-feed advertising will be the largest income source for video accounts in the future.

  • Tencent value WeChat video accounts and constantly launches new functions and new attempts to commercialize, including short video in-feed advertisements, live broadcast rewards, and live broadcast e-commerce.

  • With WeChat’s enormous number of users, video accounts will be able to quickly expand their user base (which is beyond the reach of any competitor); video accounts’ user time is on a continuous upward trend; and the WeChat ecosystem's strong infrastructure. All these factors allow WeChat video account in-feed advertisements to quickly connect with users, resulting in generating transaction behaviours, and the brand marketing result is something to look forward to in the future.

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