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2022 China's Entertainment Live-streaming Market Analysis

With the advent of the 5G era and the uprising trend of live streaming e-commerce that’s driven by the epidemic in recent years, live streaming has grown rapidly and has found its feet in an upward trend in the China market. According to Analysys’ “Annual Comprehensive Analysis of China’s Entertainment Live-streaming Market 2022” report, the following summarizes a few key points about the development characteristics, user insights, and major topics about China’s live streaming market future development.

I. Development characteristics of the live streaming market

After the entertainment live streaming market entered a mature period, the scale has shown a slowdown in growth, in 2022, it increased by 5.08% month-on-month, and it is expected to maintain stable growth thereafter. Therefore, the entertainment live streaming platform and upstream-downstream enterprises in the industry are working together to explore new business models. Driven by popular content platforms such as short videos webcasting has become a basic content form, cultivating a large number of potential users. In April 2022, Huajiao, InKe, and Showself have become the top three live streaming platforms in the industry, and have the advantage to reap the ever-expanding resource by being the leading live streaming platform.

According to the data, live streaming platforms like Huajiao utilize various type of high-quality anchors and attracts users via various types of rich content, thus user stickiness remains high. While live streaming platforms like KuGou combines “live streaming + music”, to provide an interactive platform for celebrities or amateurs to perform, and they consolidate their leading position in that area. “Live+” has become a benchmark in the industry, which means that the content of live streaming is no longer limited to traditional content such as daily life and talent shows, but more emerging content such as game events, travel check-in, store exploration, product introduction, etc, allow users to enjoy a novel viewing experience.

In addition, the current live streaming content makes full use of the media attributes, integrates more social value content into the live streaming form, and actively participates in a number of public welfare activities, resulting in the expansion of social influence. However, with the rise of the “metaverse”, the entertainment live streaming platform has integrated the “online + offline” model for further innovation, such as interacting with 3D customized avatars in the online live streaming room or actively expanding the offline event scene, allow users to feel the presence even with live streaming.

II. User insights

  • 64% are Male users

  • Main users are youth working groups aged 31-35 (31%) and 24-30 (29%)

  • Moderate or slightly high spending power

  • Users mostly from new tier 1 cities, followed by tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Guangdong province being the most active

  • Users are most active from 7 pm to 11 pm, it is presumed that the main reason is users wind down and release stress by watching entertainment live streaming.

III. Future market trends insights

  • With the advancement of technologies such as 5G and XR, the entertainment live streaming platform can seize the opportunity of the virtual market and enrich the content with the integration of digital human and virtual scenes and landing scenes.

  • The emotional effect generated by adopting the “gamification” thinking can enhance the interaction in the live streaming, such as gaining a sense of achievement at game-level challenges, stimulating a sense of responsibility, releasing pressure or generating empathy, etc., to increase user stickiness.

  • In order to achieve the successful transformation from a “live streaming platform” to a “live streaming brand”, the entertainment live streaming platform can deeply explore market value by closely cooperating with upstream-downstream of the industry chain, and using the layout of products, services, ecology, market, and other dimensions to enhance user’s impression of its brand in multiple scenarios.

Manufacturer Case Study: InKe Live streaming

  • InKe takes “interactive social networking” as its core strategy, through different segments and markets, they are the first to deploy the strategy in the fields of live streaming, interest community, blind date, etc., and exerts more efforts to show extremely high business potential

  • Continuously optimize the anchor growth system, and utilize the multi-track star product portfolio to explore more user scenarios, creating a full-scenario entertainment platform

  • Example: Anchor talent show “The Birth of an Idol”, award ceremony “Flower Road Starry Night”

The live streaming market will maintain a steady upward trend in the next few years, if you wish to include this in your China marketing strategy, please contact us for more information.

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