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China Search Market 2022 Forecast

In today's digital era of mobile, tremendous changes have taken place in terms of content from production method to the transmission path. At the same time, with the development of the mobile internet, there are some new changes in the information environment and users' search needs, but the essence of search is still the acquisition of content. CTR recently release a report on the 2022 search marketing budget trend, we filter down some of the top trends for 2022.

1. Marketing confidence returns and digital marketing budgets grow

In 2022, China's advertising market will show recovery growth, and advertisers' confidence in the overall domestic economic situation will reach a new high

Data source: CTR "2021 Advertiser Marketing Trends Report"

According to CTR CCTV market research, 42.9% of advertisers are expected to increase their promotion expenses in digital marketing in 2022, and advertisers of large enterprises with an advertising scale of 500 million yuan or more will be stronger spending on digital marketing promotion expenses.

2. New features of digital marketing advertising budget allocation

  • Large – tend to choose larger platforms

  • New – focus on new traffic, new increments, high willingness to advertise

  • Linkage – more emphasis on linkage and integrated marketing

Large – Tend to choose larger platforms

Today's advertisers are more inclined to use more accurate and direct advertising forms to achieve the purpose of brand communication and sales conversion at the same time in places where user traffic converges.

When advertisers carry out digital marketing, platform traffic has become the main consideration factor for advertisers' budget allocation, and there is an obvious upward trend in the importance of platform traffic, which is more important than in previous years. Different advertisers will focus on the traffic of the delivery platform when allocating their budget. The larger the scale, the higher the emphasis on the traffic of the delivery platform.

New – focus on new traffic, new increments, high willingness to advertise

Most advertisers believe that the new platform can bring in new users and new marketing opportunities: greater traffic, more precise reach brought on by more audience groups to choose from.

Most advertisers pay attention to the innovation ability of the platform and have a high willingness to launch new things. When new platforms, traffic, and advertising forms appear, they tend to try to launch new advertisements.

Linkage - more emphasis on linkage and integrated marketing

The vast majority of advertisers see integrated marketing as increasingly important, whether advertising scale is larger or smaller businesses.

The dimensions of advertisers' evaluation of media and platform integrated marketing capabilities are:

  • Ecology: Advertisers believe that the larger the traffic and the richer the ecological resources, the stronger the platform's integrated marketing capabilities.

  • Diversified advertising forms: Advertisers will choose to combine different advertising products on different platforms to realize the gain value of increasing exposure and conversion efficiency.

  • Technology: The efficient and accurate data processing and analysis technology of media or platforms, and the ability to accurately reach users have become another important criterion for advertisers to evaluate integrated marketing

3. Search advertising sees budget increment; the search landscape is quietly changing

In 2022, global Omni-media advertising spending will grow by as much as 19.9%, of which search advertising will become an important driving force for the growth of Omni-media advertising spending with a growth rate of 29.3%.

In 2021, search advertising will rank fifth among mobile Internet advertising types, and 21.5% of advertisers who expect a net increase in search advertising in 2022 will rank fourth. The main types of advertising after advertising.

The "Personal Information Protection Issue" was officially implemented on November 1, 2021. It is China's first department to specifically regulate and is China's first law to specifically regulate personal information protection. The strictness of the rules is comparable to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Combining the impact logic on advertising business and the impact experience of EU GDPR implementation may benefit the growth of search advertising business in the future

The data shows that after the implementation of the EU GDPR, the website pages of search advertising channels are relatively the least affected. The reason is that search advertisements are placed through keywords actively searched by users, and there is no need to use data and information that touch the boundaries of users' privacy.

4. The future trend of search advertising

In recent years, with the rise of other media platforms, traditional engine user usage has declined

However, most advertisers believe that search advertising still has certain advantages, and it is generally believed that search advertising has the value of strong initiative, accurate coverage, and efficient conversion.

As technology continues to improve, search ads can better match user video and live broadcast scenarios. In the era of graphics and text, users' content browsing is easier to understand and define, and search ads can be better matched. In terms of content viewing behaviour of current users, video and live broadcasts have gradually become mainstream, and the advancement of related media processing technologies has allowed search advertisements to better match the needs of scenarios.

In addition to the search engine, the search function on other platforms has become standard. For example, when users browse Taobao, they will search for products in Taobao, when browsing news on Toutiao, they will search for news-related content in Toutiao, when travelling, they will search for information such as train tickets or hotels on the Ctrip APP.

5. Content ecological search has become an industry consensus

The trend of content ecological search has become a consensus in the industry, and content ecological search advertising has become an important option for marketing budgets:

  • Users have diverse search needs, and their essence is the acquisition of content, including life problem/difficulty solving, knowledge learning, news and current affairs, and shopping information.

  • Video-based content production brings video-based search results.

  • "Searching while swiping" in the content has become a new habit for users. The user's search behaviour and browsing behaviour are linked, and the search results are more time-sensitive.

The development focus of search engines will shift from traditional search to ecological search. Although the role of the search itself is still huge, its attractiveness to advertisers has declined due to the impact of information acquisition methods such as information flow. In such a context, the independent survival of traditional search engines may become increasingly difficult

Content ecological search advertising has become an important option for marketing budgets:

Search marketing under the content ecology is in line with the trend of "big, new and connected":

  • Large – search marketing under the content ecology of the platform layout with large traffic

  • New – Content Eco-Search Ads bring new traffic space

  • Linkage – Search advertising under the content ecology is conducive to integration and linkage

Large – search marketing under the content ecology of large traffic platform layout

Large Internet companies all have search advertisements, and search marketing is not limited to search engines

For example, WeChat's "search" presents a commercial layout:

  • Brand Official Zone: Provides a private traffic area where brands can operate, connects brands' contacts in the WeChat ecosystem and helps brands better display accounts, services and products.

  • Activity card: meet the short-term marketing needs of brand owners, and achieve the unity of product and effect through joint promotion and search.

  • Stream plan joint promotion: Through the Search channel, it is a brand joint promotion plan launched by WeChat Search to help brands obtain efficient access paths in the official area of ​​Search, event cards and other operational resources.

New – Content Eco-Search Ads bring a new traffic space

  • Content ecological search advertising is new traffic and a new form for advertisers.

  • Most advertisers believe that in 2022, they are expected to increase their marketing and promotion budgets in huge search advertisements, Xiaohongshu search, Zhihu search, indicating that advertisers have a strong willingness to increase their budgets in content ecological search

  • Advertisers have a good evaluation of content ecological search ads (especially huge engines), including accurate matching to target groups, traffic dividends, etc.

Linkage – Search advertising under the content ecology is conducive to integration and linkage

  • Search advertising under the content ecology is an important hub of integrated marketing, which can achieve the linkage of traffic, crowd, and scene

Four advantages of content ecological search advertising

  1. Ads cover a wide range of users

  2. Ad conversion rate is high

  3. Search advertising has a strong linkage with other forms

  4. Diverse forms of advertising content

To learn how to get started with your content eco-search advertising program, get in touch with us!

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