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App of the Month – VariFlight

VariFlight, founded by Feiyou Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional flight service APP, committed to providing users with “worry-free” and “time-saving” one-stop diversified air travel solutions. Since its launch, VariFlight has recorded more than 210 million downloads, making it China's most popular travel app. It provides analytics and itinerary planning services to more than 300 million people and provides early warning of flight delays. It is also officially authorized by the Chinese government to connect to official airport air traffic control channels to obtain flight data.

VariFlight revolves around a solid triangular civil aviation ecosystem: key players in the civil aviation industry, commercial customers and passengers. VariFlight processes 1,600 flight information per second, 94% real-time data for international flights, 100% real-time data coverage for domestic flights and provides data and hardware solutions for more than 80 airports in China.

User Profile Analysis

  • Leading position in the aviation industry

  • 90 million+ registered users, 26 million+ MAU, 5million+ mobile DAU

  • 1.32+ million Weibo fans, 1.5 million+ WeChat fans, 24,000+ high-quality content in the aviation industry

  • The proportion of male users is prominent, as high as 54%

  • The main user group is 24-40 years old, reaching 49%; 63% of users are married

  • 45% of users are located in first-tier cities and 19% in new first-tier cities

  • Most of the users are frequent travellers, 69% of users have flown more than 11 times

  • The main active usage time is distributed between 9 am and 8 pm, mostly during working hours

Most of VariFlight’s users are affluent young elites, most of whom have higher education backgrounds, 79% of users have a bachelor’s degree or above, and 23% have a postgraduate degree. The core user group mainly consists of business and leisure travellers, the business travel elite group is mostly business elites and senior executives, while the leisure travel group primarily focuses on luxury travel and quality of life.

VariFlight Advertising Inventory

  • Open screen advertisement: located at the core focus of the APP launch, supporting static advertisement, GIF advertisement, and video advertisements format

  • Homepage pop-up window, function combination pop-up: located at the core focus of the APP launch homepage floating layer, with manual close settings, supporting static advertisement and intelligent function placement ads (implanting creative display according to local weather or airport congestion to increase user attention)

  • VariFlight’s high-exposure touchpoints

  • VariFlight content module

Through the cooperation of the platforms, huge traffic flows to the regular flight inquiry page every day. For example, by entering the flight number query via WeChat/Baidu, VariFlight will provide the first result, upon clicking, the user will enter the Flight Ticket Inquiry Mini Program to view the detailed flight information, and the exposure placemat is available on this page is available for brands.

China’s outbound tourism industry is recovering at an accelerated pace, if you would like to know more about Variflight’s advertising and cooperation model, please contact us.

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