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App of the Month – Tongcheng Travel

Tongcheng-eLong is a leading travel service platform formed by the merger of Tongcheng Network and eLong Travel Network. Tongcheng-eLong officially changed its name to Tongcheng Travel in 2021, providing customers with a one-stop platform for transportation, accommodation and round-the-clock services. Tongcheng Travel will focus on young, individual and fashionable consumer groups and provide smart, safe and convenient travel services.

At present, Tongcheng Travel has launched a series of one-stop travel services, including travel protection, 7*24-hour protection, warm escort protection, quick response to complaints, advance compensation protection and many other measures. Tongcheng Travel has successfully moved away from the previous model of the initial stage of OTA development and started to transform into ITA (Intelligent Travel Assistant). Tongcheng Travel provides online booking services for up to 790,000 overseas hotels and homestays and covers 1.1 million international flight tickets. Tongcheng Travel has 90% of registered member activity, and the highest app open rate, up to 90% after downloading the Tongcheng Travel app.

User Profile Analysis

  • 64.7% repeat order rate

  • 281.5 million MAU, MPUs (average monthly paying users) increased by 9.5% YoY to 36.8 million, 200.5 million APUs (annual paying users) 30 million DAU, 250 million+ average daily views

  • The proportion of male users is prominent, as high as 52%, and 48% are female users

Advertising Inventory

Precise localization of users’ travel scenarios.

Preparation before the trip

  • APP/PC international hotel

  • APP/PC international air tickets

  • APP/PC outbound travel resources

  • APP/PC visa banner

  • Tongcheng checker/KOL: accumulated 1,000 + top quality checkers, held 550 + global tourism events, cooperate with 100 + government tourism bureaus, and experienced 3000 + tourist attractions. Provides celebrity effect, unique perspectives and massive exposure

Confirmed travel

  • APP international hotel order completion page

  • APP/Mini-program travel assistant

  • APP push

  • Tongcheng & Tencent ecosystem

  • Destination chat groups: Invite users to join a group chat after placing an order, and up to 85% of invitations are accepted

If you wish to know more about Tongcheng Travel’s advertising model, please contact us.

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