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App of the month – Snowball

Snowball is an investor community and registered trademark launched by Beijing Snowball Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2010. Snowball is an investor social media with one-stop platform ecology for information, communication and transactions.

Snowball has 37 million registered users, 220k posts per day, 17 app open times per day and 69 minutes of daily browsing. Snowball is the largest financial community in China, capturing 23% of the total market (160 million China stock investors).

Snowball users can follow stocks and funds codes, view real-time stock quotes, follow various investor insights and communication, create and share personal investment portfolios, open stock accounts, fund trading accounts, and buy and sell stocks and funds.

Snowball User Analysis

  • 70% of Snowball users are male and 40% are around 30 years old

  • 75% of users have a bachelor’s degree

  • The consumption power is above the middle class of personal annual income, diversified consumption prioritizes quality and style

  • Snowball users prefer IT & 3C products, travel, home appliances, paid knowledge content, sports and fitness, and automobile-based consumer goods categories

Snowball high-end brand marketing options:

  • Brand exposure: Traffic reach

  • Brand recognition: Platform linkage resonance

  • Brand “product promotion”: Penetrating the value of circle prospecting

Snowball Advertising Model

Snowball ads are divided into the following products:

  • Exposure category: Open screen, Focus ad, Search display advertising

  • Precise category: In-feed ad, Push notification

  • Customized category: Pop-up window, Easter egg, Brand area, Brand page

  • Soft resource: Snowball apps main ID, Snowball network resource

Snowball Brand Cooperation Case

Snowball x Maserati: China Concept Stock Summit

Participants are star corporate leaders (CEO / senior executives), precise investors, diversified interactive forms, and offline social networking scenarios that high-end brands are keen on.

For more Snowball advertising inquiries, please contact us!

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