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App of the month – Mango TV Global

Mango TV, established in 2014, is an internet video platform for Hunan Radio and Television. Mango TV is a Chinese online video media platform that provides users with diverse content, including variety-shows, movies, TV series, animation, sports, news, games, micro-movies, etc.

Mango TV is one of the four video and audio platforms with the largest domestic market share (Youku, Tencent, iQiyi), and in 2018, it launched the Mango TV international version APP (MangoTV), providing global users to watch its film and television dramas and variety shows. Mango TV is currently one of the world's 500 largest media companies and ranks second in Asia.

Mango TV APP has a total of more than 76 million downloads, has more than 69 million subscribers, and ranks in the top five video APP categories in many Asian countries - Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand accounted for the largest downloads.

Mango TV international version APP user analysis

  • Most of the users of the Mango TV APP are female, and most of the users are young people, ranging from 18 to 34 years old.

  • The user group of the Mango TV APP has a high willingness to spend, and 72% of them have the desire to spend online.

  • The average monthly income of the users of the Mango TV APP is more than 1140 US dollars, and more than half of the users have the financial ability

Mango TV APP Advertising Model

Mango TV APP advertising has two models:

  1. Project Partnership Model - Content-Based and Customized Advertising

  2. Standard Ad Model - Standard Ads that can be purchased directly

The project cooperation model is based on customized advertisements generated by content and customization. Advertisers can choose more than 5 popular variety shows or TV dramas, insert the advertisement content into the popular programs and push them to online audiences, increasing brand awareness in a short period of time.

  • Pre/Mid-Roll Ad

  • 5s Sponsor Acknowledgement Ad

  • Sponsor Logo Overlay

  • Paused Ad

Purchase model: CPM

The standard advertising model is the advertising model commonly seen in our video-type APPs, including common screen-opening advertisements, information flow, graphic advertisements, etc., which reach users according to different usage scenarios, and are mainly divided into three types: launch, browsing, stream:


Usually appearing when the user launches the app, this type of advertisement generally has a large amount of exposure, and it is suitable for scenarios including the launch of a new product, which brings huge traffic to the brand in a short period of time.

  • Open Splash Ad

  • Showtime

  • Carousel Banner


According to the user's browsing behaviour, advertisements appear in different positions of the APP to reach potential customers in many ways.

  • In-Feed Ad

  • Play Page Banner

  • Pre/Mid-roll Ad

  • Logo Overlay


Ads appear when users watch APP video content to increase ad visibility.

  • Paused Ad

  • Video Paused Ad

  • All-screen Paused Ad

Purchase model: CPM

Why choose to advertise on Mango TV APP?

  • The Mango TV APP is localized and supports up to seven languages.

  • It has a huge overseas user group, provides diversified content, and its flagship content and IP viewing volume are high.

  • Diversified advertising models and diverse advertising locations meet the different needs of different brands for advertising and achieve different scene needs.

  • Ads are highly visible and support non-skippable ad formats to improve ad viewability.

  • Precise targeting freely controls the date and time of advertising, frequency, and area of ​​advertising according to the needs of advertisers.

  • Strict advertising monitoring to ensure real traffic.

To learn more about Mango TV, or to start developing your marketing plan, please contact us!


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