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Insight Report - Alimama Short Video Marketing Strategy

To help platform merchants and short video creators to better adapt to changes in short video marketing and accurately grasp opportunities, Alimama collaborated with Taobao short video and Tmall beauty industry to jointly launch a Taobao short video marketing effect evaluation system. As Taobao mobile gains popularity, so are the short videos on the platform. Short videos have become an important mode of communication between e-commerce and consumers. As enthusiasm increases, merchants/short video creators continue to rise too.

Short videos can not only show the selling points of products in a dynamic form but also create an atmosphere for merchants and video producers, thereby increasing the sales rate. The video editing rhythm is the key to short videos.

  • The first 3 seconds is critical in capturing the attention of the audience. The video should have a clear theme with eye-catching content in achieving the best viewing experience.

  • The 9th second is the optimal point in conveying the intended message of the video for best effect and call to action.

  • At the 16th second mark of the video, audience interest is further enhanced. At this point, higher-quality content can be used for retention and acquisition of the fan base.

The short video marketing strategy report also touches on the 5i rule of communication on content and form of short video production to increase its value;

  1. Interestingness (Eye-catching)

  2. Informative

  3. Interflow (Clarity of communication)

  4. Internalization

  5. Identity

Therefore, e-commerce businesses should use topics such as comedy, imitation, etc., with interesting plots and interactions for increased brand recall rate and engagement. Educational and informative short video content such as tutorials, strategies, guides, etc., are of high value. Improving the efficiency of short video marketing is key in promoting the success of e-commerce in a multi-faceted consumer landscape.

Contact Us for a full report and how to effectively advertise in China.

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